What is the correct spelling for BUTED?

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Correct spellings for BUTED

  • bate Concerning Healy, Anna said: "Bate 'im with a betther brain, dear!"
  • bated We watched with bated breath.
  • bed Get your mother to bed, that's a good girl.
  • belted It is generally offered when master or miss is about six weeks old, and mamma receives her friends in a tea gown or some pretty convalescent wrap, very often made of velvet or plush cut in the form of a belted-in jacket and skirt, or in one long princesse robe, elaborately trimmed with cascades of lace down the front.
  • bested When I made my appearance, you put your heads together, and you bested me.
  • betide I am ready to meet him at any moment; what may betide, when we do come together, is another and a very different question!"
  • bite He held in one hand a piece of army bread, from which he now and then took a bite, but he was evidently absorbed in thought.
  • bolted She pulled the bolts across the doors at the front of the shanty and locked and bolted the door from the bar into the kitchen; then she took his arm, and helped him out of his chair.
  • booted Bullets scattering the gravel ahead of him and singing around his head, and hoarse cries behind, with a heavy-booted tread of pursuers, gave Kurt occasion to hurry.
  • brute The brute dropped him and made off.
  • bud "Now see here, Bud," she cried.
  • busted And I don't know whether or not I told you, I was a sergeant before I got busted back to private, first class.
  • but But he didn't say nothin'.
  • butter When I come into my rights, I'll have butter to spare.
  • byte Since sending a start and stop bit with each transferred byte is no longer required, the effect is higher speed.
  • muted Some sparrows were chirping up on a roof, but the sounds of the highroad were muted and dim.
  • ted "Ted, I know you.
  • tubed The landlord rolled his cigar round in his tubed lips.
  • Abated The gale had by this time considerably abated, and it was hoped that a boat might be sent on shore.
  • Abutted He had been seen crossing Polskiddy Downs, which, as everyone knew, abutted on Treliskey Plantation.
  • Baited Yes, every trap that ever caught a dime Is ready set and baited, all the time!
  • Basted They may be basted with a very little of the water in which they were broiled; and if you have company who like melted butter to pour upon the chicken, the remainder of the liquor will be good use for that purpose.
  • Batted He never batted an eye.
  • Blued His blued feet out of turnedup trousers slapped the clammy sand, a dull brick muffler strangling his unshaven neck.
  • Blurted Remember, he blurted out, you are on your honour-on your honour to come back to me.
  • Boated Rod Sherrett and Sylvie Argenter had danced together at the Roxeter Assemblies, and the little Dorbury "Germans;" they had boated, and picknicked, and skated in company, but to be tumbled together into a baker's shop, torn and frightened, and dusty,-each feeling, also, in a great scrape,-this was an odd and startling partnership.
  • Boded Ferry Hill had begun to have listless moments which boded ill for success.
  • Bruited Though we are doing nothing that we are ashamed of," added Louis the Well-beloved airily, "we have no wish that the matter be bruited abroad, lest we be misunderstood."
  • Budded I guess I must look in the dictionary for 'invidious'; but a daisy's a flower that has budded in the green fields of England, where there aren't any newspaper reporters or other strange bugs.
  • Butted Once she even butted her head against the wall, uttering language meanwhile that all but caused her companion to swoon.
  • Butte Thence the road struck straight towards Bapaume, with the grey pyramid of the Butte de Warlencourt on one side and the frightful turmoil of Warlencourt village on the other.
  • bunted I bunted for more than a year, and at last found them in Hartford.
  • outed We outed a lot of Huns.
  • debuted