What is the correct spelling for BUZZZ?

If you find yourself constantly misspelling "buzzz", worry not! Here are a few correct suggestions: "buzz", "bus", "buzzed" or "buzzy". These alternatives should help avoid confusion and ensure your written communication is error-free. Remember to proofread for accuracy and clarity!

Correct spellings for BUZZZ

  • abuzz The room was abuzz with excitement.
  • buzz The sound of the busy bees created a constant buzz in the garden.
  • Buzzed I was so buzzed from the party that I couldn't drive home.
  • buzzer The buzzer signaled the end of the game.
  • buzzes The phone buzzes with notifications all day long.
  • fuzz I can't believe you found fuzz in my hair.
  • ZZZ I heard the sound of soft ZZZ's coming from the bedroom as my roommate was snoring peacefully.