What is the correct spelling for BYRDS?

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Correct spellings for BYRDS

  • boards Without speaking, she turned and made her way along the rough boards.
  • brits Our Government received about this time a communication from General Brits, that the members of the Orange Free State Government had reached Blankop, north of Standerton, and would await us at Waterval.
  • byrd He came in through the vestry, and looking to the west end gallery saw there the back of old Dr. Tallis, seated at the little positive organ that the late Archbishop had left in his chapel, and which the present Archbishop had gladly retained, for he was a great patron of music, and befriended many musicians when they needed help-Dr. Tallis, as well as Byrd, Morley and Tye.
  • Beds There have been worse beds.
  • Breads For this reason, plain flour mixtures, in which the carbon dioxide is quickly made, are called quick breads, to distinguish them from breads in which yeast is used.
  • bywords These inconsequent oaths and no less incomprehensible bywords, fit only now-a-days to undetermine critics and to baffle commentary, are really the reflection of a tinsel finery that was no doubt borne aloft and bravely carried in its day.
  • bids And if men would only acknowledge Christ in this respect, and begin, as conscience bids them, by accepting His life as exhibiting the highest rule of conduct, they would sooner or later acknowledge Him in all.
  • brads The best remembered watermen were Jack Hall, 'Paddle' Brads, Piper, Jack Haverley, Tom Cannon and Fish.
  • braids They are from Dalecarlia, with sun-burned cheeks, splendid teeth, bright serious eyes, soft light hair worn in braids hanging down their backs, and universally possessing sturdy, well-shaped forms.
  • birds "No." "No, indeed, an' d'ye think He cares less fur boys than birds?"
  • broods Women pushed their broods up ahead of them into the wagons, ran back to kiss the men standing at the heads of the sweating horses, then climbed to their places in the wagons and took the reins.
  • bards But, as soon as you begin to appreciate the charm of ancient poetry, to be impressed by Scandinavian Sagas or Highland superstition or Welsh bards, or allow yourself to enjoy Spenser's idealised knights and ladies in spite of their total want of common sense, or to appreciate Paradise Lost although you no longer accept Milton's scheme of theology, it becomes plain that the specially poetic charm must consist in something else; that it can appeal to the emotions and the imagination, though the doctrine which it embodies is as far as possible from convincing your reason.
  • breeds "You won't find it in these natives nor even in the half breeds, sir," the captain returned.
  • buds On the first nice day Martha went on a long walk to watch the few flowers that Kligor boasted push their fragile buds into the air.
  • BODS
  • BRATS The little brats are two infernal monkeys, who ought to be kept in the big cage at the Jardin des Plantes.
  • BRAS It was Napoleon's business to fall upon whatever Prussian force might be concentrated before him and upon his right and to destroy it, meanwhile holding back, by a force sent up the Brussels road to Quatre Bras, any attempt Wellington and his western army might make to join the Prussians and save them.
  • BROS 1902. by Pach Bros.
  • beards They were savage-looking fellows with long beards, their unkempt hair hanging over their shoulders.
  • broads How alluring are the mysterious entrances to these Broads!
  • byroads I presume that there are byroads by which you can avoid passing through any towns on your way to Sluys.
  • byres During the months of August, September, and October, cattle do best in the yards, the byres being too hot; but when the cold weather sets in there is no way, where many cattle are kept, in which they will do so well as at the stall.
  • accepts offer
  • adding name to
  • adjoinings
  • all-iteration
  • am brought out
  • am buoyant
  • am buried
  • apostheosized
  • are contrite
  • are convenient
  • are in midair
  • are in vain
  • are in want
  • are in wind
  • are inaccurate
  • are inactive
  • be unwilling
  • are inclined think
  • are incompetent
  • crawfished
  • crawl out
  • dis-praises
  • doeth one's part
  • doeth one's thing
  • draw line
  • drives crazy