What is the correct spelling for C-OKAY?

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Correct spellings for C-OKAY

  • a-okay
  • cache And on New Year's Day the Mounted will find the stuff in the cache .
  • cage "I tell you what we can do, Penrod," he said: "Let's take it in the stable and make the box into a cage .
  • cake And why do you make cake for Christmas now when it's forever and ever before it will come?"
  • case In any case it couldn't be your failure.
  • cash "No," he added, "you must not pay cash , Flamby.
  • caucus This is," said I, "a branfire new way of doing business, if a caucus is to make a representative for the people!"
  • cause It was not the thought of death, then, for I could meet death or deal death in the cause of duty.
  • cease They would cease to be so, madam, if you did.
  • chaos This plan, pursued day after day, with the general understanding that Mrs. Snawdor was going to take a day off soon and clean up, had resulted in a condition of indescribable chaos .
  • chase The dogs gave chase , and so did we.
  • check His hand shook as he held it up to check her approach.
  • cheek His blood was up, and burning in his delicate cheek .
  • cheese To save labour, a proposition was made to collect the milk from several farms and have the cheese made at one central farm.
  • chess Here, in 1829, the Russians levelled the fortifications which at that time encircled the town; here, in 1854, the Russians were defeated by the Turks; and here, in 1872, these same Russians and Turks were at the same old bloody and useless game-ever learning, yet never coming to a knowledge of the great truth, that, with all their fighting, nothing has been gained and nothing accomplished save a few changes of the men on the chess -board, and the loss of an incalculable amount of life and treasure.
  • chew I can chew you the sword still covered with blood."
  • chic And of a chic !
  • chick Take it out on your chick What we're gonna do Is gonna make you sick – Tell Your Mother She Wants You by Murray McLauchlin
  • choice You forget that, after all, we have little choice in the matter."
  • choose "It's all very difficult," he said; "but everything shall be as you choose , only somehow I think it's worse for me than for you.
  • chuck I don't mind telling you that I'm trying to find some way in which she can chuck the old house down there without losing anything.
  • coach But on the coach they should not be too fine.
  • cocoa My cocoa , Major, and who said Priddy just now?
  • coke For instance, Coke would not agree to stay any case in which the king had a concern in power or profit, to consult with him.
  • cook They're ready to cook now."
  • cookie Now, if you'll come downstairs, I'll give you each one cookie and no more, so your appetites won't be spoiled for your dinners.
  • couch She let the book fall from her hands upon her lap, and leaned far back upon the couch .
  • cough But when I bring her in, and have said no more than one cough , the wife goes clean past me, and has the girl in her arms, and calls her by her sister's name, and sobs hard and dry like a man.
  • cow Because on the other side o' the cow we heard Timothy Toplady's voice.
  • cows By and by, cows were brought into the country and the Dutch soil being good for grass, the cows had plenty to eat.
  • cozy It was a very large room, but a corner had been so arranged as to look shut in and cozy .
  • cue In an instant the old woman had seized on this cue .
  • czech In Italy, the German, the Czech , the Magyar, the Croft, even in general instances the Italian, clung to the standard for safety, for pay, for glory, and all became pre-eminently Austrian soldiers; little besides.
  • Chose Then he could do what he chose.
  • checks He can write such big checks , too."
  • cases "Yes; but the cases are different, I can manage them better.
  • causes Could it not be that Saturn draws Uranus aside, and thus causes the changes?
  • chooses Thus, from the side of its objects, this life activity may be called eating, running, reading, and whatever else one chooses .
  • coaches The stage-coaches go no farther than Mayres.
  • choices When you're going to sue a corporation, you have a choice about where to do it, and one of the choices is always a court in the state where the corporation is chartered, whether it does any business there or not.
  • cooks I went out from the world of cooks before I was twenty.
  • cakes When stiff, shape into small flat cakes , dip in egg and bread crumbs, and put in a cool place.
  • cheeks "Pauline's cheeks are rather too pale," answered Miss Tredgold.

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