What is the correct spelling for CA'NT?

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Correct spellings for CA'NT

  • ant There are white ant hills like ragged heaps of raw chocolate-very hard and strong.
  • can "As far as you can.
  • candy On account of this satisfying property, sugar is best eaten at, or near, the close of a meal; and taken at that time, there is no objection to its use nearly pure, as in the form of sweet-meats, or good wholesome candy.
  • cane Then he cast a quick, mysterious glance at the young man, who had thrown himself in lazy attitude into a long cane lounge chair.
  • cant The Learned have explained to us, for what it is that our Adoration is due to Homer: For the Unity and Greatness of his Fable, the Variety and Dignity of his Characters, and his sublime Thought and Expression; I dare not say Diction and Sentiments, because the Spectator has disgraced the Use of technical Terms, by calling it Cant; and supposing, that those who use them, do it to disguise their Ignorance, and shew their Vanity in critical Phrase.
  • canter "And a canter might get up an appetite.
  • canto This told me that I should find my fate in the ninth canto.
  • cantor The captain, who, for the sake of fighting the infidels, had so sadly neglected his property that his own house in the Kramgasse fell into the hands of his creditors, had rented the second story in the cantor house.
  • canute Such was Winchester at the beginning of the ninth century; before the end of that century she was to suffer violence from the Danes; and in the first years of the tenth century to fall with the rest of England into their absolute power, and to see a Danish king, Canute, crowned in her Cathedral.
  • carnot During the winter months of 1797-8 he attended the chemical lectures of the renowned Berthollet; and it was no perfunctory choice which selected him for the place in the famous institute left vacant by the exile of Carnot.
  • cart "I'll get my cart," he said, "and then I'll help you."
  • cast She cast about desperately for one, and had not found it when she begged the outlaw chief to see her alone.
  • cat She is an old cat."
  • cent And I believed you when you said you hadn't made a cent on the race, but instead had lost all you had, I believed that.
  • chant Mr Marchant and his family were only just then entering the house.
  • count "No. And I have none either," the Count replied.
  • gaunt The mansion itself was but of moderate size and by no means convenient, but the squire's lady transformed it from a gaunt, commonplace country house into an elegant and charming residence.
  • gent Had to do it, just to please the old gent.
  • giant How Tom became a Brewer's Servant; how he killed a Giant, and came to be called Mr. Hickathrift.
  • jaunt That would not be difficult, provided none of the Lookouts happened to desire her company on some particular jaunt or merry-making.
  • kant "Kant never dreams, for a moment, of questioning the existence of a special faculty of thought with its own peculiar and fixed forms.
  • kent You must have got here in time to do something, Kent."
  • pant And I was upon my back; and a little sound did be near me, as that something did pant.
  • rant That his sermons were not mere voice and rant, I think we have pretty clearly proved.
  • scant He brushed past her half-defensive figure with scant ceremony, and entered the kitchen.
  • want That's what I want to know."
  • Caned It did not occur to him to confess his New York crimes to Molly any more than to tell her that, when seven, he had been caned for stealing jam.
  • Cannot And if I cannot give you one?
  • Can't Can't you see what's the matter with 'im?"
  • Janet When prayer-meeting was over this man came up to Janet and said, "May I see you home, Janet?"
  • cans "He'll no doubt provide a few old fruit cans.
  • cants Secret codes and conventional cants are resorted to by individuals who have some reason to conceal their meaning from others.
  • CAPT While there, he was attacked by Capt.
  • CATT I poured a cup of coffee down Dad's collar and burned his neck-oh, I didn't do it on purpose, Thomas Catt!
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