What is the correct spelling for CAARE?

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Correct spellings for CAARE

  • acre Up to that time it had been occupied by a farmer at thirty shillings per acre , which was thought the full value.
  • are 8681. Are you a fisherman?
  • caber The Scotchmen ran races, and tossed the caber and walked the greasy pole across from the capsized dock to the Inverness.
  • cadre In England the cadre system has been adopted, while abroad the greatest concentration of effort is aimed at, with Egypt, at present the most important strategic point in the Imperial air system, as the centre of activity.
  • cairo In this manner the trip to Cairo passed quickly for the children.
  • canary Suddenly he stopped, because both Hall and he were looking at the photos of the young man who was once a laughing boy in a canary -colored pony cart.
  • caper The excitement of the crowd rose to a climax; and a little man near Lydia cut a frenzied caper and screamed, "Go it, Cashel Byron."
  • car It would be rest from the close car .
  • carafe A carafe holding water should be put on very late, and be fresh from the ice-chest.
  • carat The larger the stone the greater the value per carat , and prices have been known to range from 25l.
  • care And if I say that I care for you, don't you believe me?
  • career Oh, well; you’re only beginning your career as yet.
  • caret Caret, in what used, and for what purpose.
  • carfare Somehow she found the money for the rent from month to month and gave Horatio his carfare and lunch money each morning.
  • carrel It is now generally known as the Carrel -Dakin treatment.
  • carrier She was not sure which it was, but he certainly looked very ill, and, being a capable young woman, she remembered that within the next hour, the weekly mail-carrier would strike a trail which passed within a mile of the ranch.
  • carry But you may not carry me as you have done.
  • carve For two days did Mr. Wilks do good by stealth, leaving Ann to blush to find it fame; but on the third day at dinner, as the captain took up his knife and fork to carve , he became aware of a shadow standing behind his chair.
  • cater As a matter of fact, the mob themselves very much preferred the rule of a lavish despot, who would cater for their pleasures.
  • cora Now I may confess to you that I often only wished for Cora to disturb our reading hour by her barking, or for Frederick to summon us to tea, because I could no longer restrain my tears."
  • core For the will is the center and core of personality.
  • cr 1770. The line, is in these terms: 'C Z 91-Cr.
  • craw However, it seemed that the Carter Handicap and the winning by his very good friend and neighbor, Colonel Desha, had stuck firmly in Major Calvert's craw .
  • cree Little Marten-Tail rubbed one moccasin over the other, and the answer came thoughtfully in Cree , "The Company.
  • crew The captain and crew will get away as best they can, and I can't tell how long it will be before they can do it.
  • crier There are a good many people from Glogova here at the fair, so you really might get the crier to go round and find out if they know anything of the umbrella.
  • cry She's going to cry ; no, but she can't speak."
  • curare Curare is an Indian arrow poison which absolutely prevents all muscular movement.
  • cure 9586. Do you cure fish?
  • curie I often wonder what they'd have done, though, if it hadn't been for Sappho and Madame Curie ....
  • scare Scare him into it, Landis.
  • Cared You couldn't laugh at some one you cared for.
  • Clare He had had half an hour in the garden with Clare .
  • Claire Claire will, I have no doubt, do the same, and I have great hopes of your prospects."
  • corer While the duck is cooking, cut two turnips in dice or in round pieces with a fruit-corer, or with a vegetable spoon, set them on the fire with cold water and salt, boil till tender, and drain them.
  • Cray It is in size and appearance very much like the little cray-fish or "Ecrevisses" which usually garnish the "Vol-au-vent" of Parisian cookery, and of very delicate flavor.
  • Curer 5209. Is it not the case that fishermen sometimes buy the boat from the curer, and pay for it by instalments running over a certain number of years?
  • Carr Mrs. Murphy has been in and out, and Mrs. Carr .
  • Cary Mrs. Gray had to "house-clean" her parlor a month earlier than she had intended, because she had so many callers who came hoping to catch a glimpse of Mrs. Cary , and hear all about her, besides; but they did not see her at all, and Mrs. Gray could tell them but little.
  • Corey Bromfield Corey looked round at her with a smile of relish for her satire.
  • Cara I have a conscience, Miss Cara , and a sense of responsibility.
  • Carey On their return, they sent Carey one of his own cows, telling him, that, fearing he might fall short of provision during his visit to Scotland, they had taken the precaution of sending him some English beef.
  • Carrie Carrie would see through it, you know she would, and I'd never hear the end of it.
  • Kara Half a dozen other officers and myself, after a three days' train journey, arrived once more at Afion-Kara-Hissar, which I had passed through three weeks before on the way up to Constantinople.
  • cares Do you think she cares for him?
  • caner
  • batsest

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