What is the correct spelling for CABILE?

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Correct spellings for CABILE

  • able The wonder is, therefore, that France was able to do so much.
  • bile But some women have more than their own proper share of bile; they must expend it on some one.
  • cabal After the call for "proof" came charges, from members of the Peary cabal, that I was unable to take observations.
  • cabala My good genius then inspired me with the idea of trying divination by the cabala.
  • cabin He stood for a while looking down at the pallid face of the sleeping stranger, then he lighted his pipe and busied himself about the cabin, returning from time to time to study the young man's countenance.
  • cable By the time Parker reached New York a cable went through that the thing was done.
  • carbide One is by means of what the German scientists call Kalkstickstoff, between calcium carbide and nitrogen, and the reaction-symbols are-" "No matter," Flint waived him, promptly.
  • carbine In August, 1914, the aeroplane's armament consisted simply of rifle, or carbine, and revolver, but our pilots nevertheless attacked hostile machines whenever the opportunity occurred.
  • cavil He lived to see our banking capital, whether invested in public banks, in savings institutions, and in the hands of private bankers, swell above the fragmentary portion which the old Bank of the United States could afford to allot to us, to somewhat over two millions of dollars, almost wholly owned by our own people; and to read our monthly bills of mortality, which attest, beyond the reach of cavil, a condition of general health without a parallel in the annals of cities laved by the tides.
  • caviler If any such caviler should reach our Society, have the moral courage to point out that last paragraph, and see if the wretches have forgotten to blush for themselves.
  • cobble Tom is the man in the cobble, and he does as he is bidden.
  • cobbler "With all my heart," said the cobbler, "I'll pledge thee were it in water."
  • cobol
  • cubicle He glanced up at them as they came level with his cubicle.
  • fable With the exception of the first Fancy, derived from a fable of Bidpai's, we have the poet's own word that all the others are inventions of his own.
  • gabble Gabble, gabble, gabble, said Ninny; which was goose-talk for Oh!
  • gable Clumsy, gable-ended houses, streets narrow and crooked, a wretched pavement-such is the city.
  • garble I shall only garble it if I try to quote from memory.
  • jubilee Polwhele connects the word with the old Cornish "fer," a fair or jubilee.
  • kabul Many months before, five merchants came in from far Kabul and sat down in the market-place at Hurda, day by day unfolding more of their packs.
  • labile When the adrenals fail, as they do readily in these labile adrenocentrics, it is as if the adrenals were cut out of the body.
  • sable Of this mixture the unresisting captive received a coating; which, by the hand of another sailor, was rubbed into the skin, and then polished with a "dandybrush," until the sable epidermis glistened like a newly-blacked boot.
  • table Shut yer eyes an' stan' close t' th' table.
  • Cabled If we had only cabled across the Atlantic two weeks ago when I sent that letter-he must have the letter by now-and if he has, he's on the ocean.
  • Callie I was sleepy but still awake when we crossed Dry Callie Creek on a noisy bridge.
  • Camille He still lived on the memory of Camille.
  • Mable As a matter of fact, there were two of us who did nothing wrong-Mable Hudson and I. But the teacher didn't know that.
  • cabals The old butler, who was formerly footman, and a rejected admirer of hers, used to tell the anecdote now and then, at those little cabals that will occasionally take place among the most orderly servants, arising from the common propensity of the governed to talk against administration; but he has left it off, of late years, since he has risen into place, and shakes his head rebukingly when it is mentioned.
  • cables We thought the others would share the same fate, but the cables parted, and they were borne on the summit of the wave high up above the beach.
  • are a component
  • dog it
  • gracefulnesses
  • gracelessnesses