What is the correct spelling for CAFUL?

If you typed "caful" instead of "careful", don't worry, mistakes happen! In order to correct this typo, simply replace the "u" with an "e" to form the correct word. Being mindful and attentive are essential qualities, so take a moment to ensure accuracy and avoid further errors.

Correct spellings for CAFUL

  • afoul She had an affair with his brother and Jilted him afoul
  • awful The food at the restaurant was so awful that I couldn't take more than one bite.
  • bagful I filled up a bagful of candy at the Halloween party.
  • cabal The group of people forming a cabal to plot against the government were arrested.
  • cafe I enjoy going to the cafe on the corner of my street for my morning coffee.
  • CAFES I love spending my afternoons exploring the city's cafes.
  • caff
  • Cal Cal was a dedicated student and spent countless hours studying for his final exams.
  • call I'll give you a call when I get there.
  • camel The camel is a valuable animal in desert regions for both transportation and as a source of milk and meat.
  • canal I can tell you all about the canal in France.
  • careful I need to be careful not to fall and break my ankle.
  • Carl Carl is my favorite character in "The Walking Dead."
  • carol She always sings "Carol" at Christmas time.
  • casual I prefer a casual outfit for running errands.
  • cavil She always found a reason to cavil about everything.
  • cupful I enjoy a cupful of hot chocolate every now and then.
  • earful I listened to her harsh earful without responding.
  • gaul France is the land of Gaul.
  • jarful The jarful of jellybeans was too much for the toddler to handle.
  • kabul I'm from Kabul.
  • lawful It is important to always act in a lawful manner to avoid any legal issues.

11 words made from the letters CAFUL