What is the correct spelling for CAI?

If you've mistakenly typed "cai" instead of "cat", "can" or "cap", don't fret. Autocorrect can often swap out common words with similar-looking options. Always double-check before hitting send, as it's crucial to catch any errors to ensure your message is clear and understandable.

Correct spellings for CAI

  • ai There are many companies out there today that are making strides in the field of AI.
  • ca
  • cab She hailed a cab on the busy street corner.
  • cad The woman realized too late that the charming man she had been dating was a cad who was only interested in her money.
  • Cai
  • cain After murdering his brother, Cain fled from the authorities.
  • Cal Cal always excels in his studies.
  • cali I visited Cali, Colombia last summer and the weather was beautiful.
  • cam The hiker used a cam to secure the rope to the rock face.
  • can I can't believe that he would do that.
  • cap I have a baseball cap that I wear when it starts to rain.
  • car She drove her car to the grocery store to buy some milk.
  • cat Yesterday I saw a cat on the porch.
  • caw The caw of the crow woke me up early this morning.
  • cay The shallow waters surrounding the cay offered a perfect spot for snorkeling.
  • chi I need to work on my chi through meditation and deep breathing.
  • ci The word "ci" is an Italian adverb that means "here".
  • cpi The CPI, or Consumer Price Index, is a measurement of the average change in prices over time for a certain category of goods and services.
  • Mai Mai is the Thai word for "my".

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