What is the correct spelling for CALSS?

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Correct spellings for CALSS

  • calais For instance, the loss of a small valise on the boat that contained credentials that would have made it quite unnecessary for him to cable to New York for credit, and also an incident this reminded him of-that he had not only parted with most of his cash to the young Americans, but had given his purse to the lady to keep her share of it in, saying he had a very good cash pocket, and would have plenty of time to buy another, whereas they were hurrying through to catch the tidal boat for Calais .
  • callas Page 372-Callas amended to Callao-"...
  • callus In the fifth stage, extending to the end of the first year, the callus is absorbed, being no longer necessary, and the connection between the cavities of the two bones is again established.
  • clasp Her bosom heaved, her cheeks were fiery, and she would have sprung from his knee only that he held her in a clasp that was iron.
  • class She was rather glad that she was to go to her French class alone.
  • classy Only the old lady thought Ulrica more classy , and so it had to be Ulrica."
  • clause The latter clause might have been better expressed in less general terms, but that may pass.
  • glass If you will take me to the steps, Richard, and bring me a glass of water, I think I can talk to you then.
  • glassy The wind was terribly light, the water terribly glassy .
  • lass If I can do the lass a good turn, it must be with my own money.
  • Cal In their temples, the which they do cal Meani, they haue a great altar in ye same place as we have; true it is that one may goe rounde about it.
  • Claps There was one wild tumult of artillery beating down the lines southward to Oppy, and beyond and above and through and into all this violence of sound there was the roll and rattle of thunder-heavy claps-and the rattle of the storm-drums.
  • Carlos It is true that in this estimate the writer quoted included the Carlos V., a new and high-powered armored cruiser, and also a number of protected cruisers and of torpedo vessels, of various kinds, all possessing a rate of speed much superior to the more distinctly fighting ships in which consisted the strength of the United States squadrons.
  • clams Add a small can of minced clams with their liquor, or twenty-five clams , chopped very fine.
  • Culls The honks, street cars and newsboys drown out the culls and low grade noises.
  • Claus He just got into his sleigh, and went off like Santa Claus .
  • Colas "Well, Colas ," he said to his colleague, "here I am; you can go now."
  • Coals While they waited for the red coals to melt the gold, Amalia took her violin and played and sang.
  • calms Along the land there had been calms and gales and an inspiring contrast, even in the dark days and nights, but here the frigid world was felt at its worst.
  • gales The winds of March differ, indeed, in a remarkable manner from, the gales of the early year, which, even when they blow from a mild quarter, compel one to keep in constant movement because of the aqueous vapour they carry.
  • calls I don't know exactly, but it's something worth while, and calls for lots of energy.
  • clans They are friendly to all, but guarded nevertheless; and standing thus apart, marked out by their territory, with small chance to mingle with inhabitants of other counties, the clan feeling among them has grown to be analogous to that of the clans in Scotland.
  • GALS "Can't y' all let a po' 'ooman call her gals to git some'n' to eat?
  • CLAWS They are very plentiful between the claws of cattle.
  • COLS Under them also, Cols .
  • GALAS All this came and went in order, and without the intervention of a single circumstance that might mar the enjoyment of a day long set apart for happiness, and which began and ended more exactly according to the wishes and intentions of those who arranged its festivities than often falls out at galas planned by mortals.
  • galls But the oak-galls show thick on some of the trees, light green, and round as a ball; they will remain on the branches after the leaves have fallen, turning brown and hard, and hanging there till the spring comes again.
  • astringencies

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    als, asl, ass, lac, sac, sls.
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