What is the correct spelling for CANGET?

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Correct spellings for CANGET

  • canker The bitterness of his heart ate into the uttermost part of his vitals, the canker mounted even to his brain.
  • canned I have no objection to canned fruits and vegetables, provided one takes the trouble in opening them to make sure there is no sign of spoiling.
  • cant The visitor, looking sharply to see whether this was cant , was convinced of its sincerity at a glance, though he loudly disagreed with the opinion.
  • canted The bombs of rock canted out from sheer weight and fell behind.
  • canter As we went at a canter it was not very easy to do!
  • canto Stella already possesses five exhaustive works upon the 'Bel Canto ,' 'L'Art lyrique,' 'L'Art du Chant,' and so forth; each cost twenty francs and contains a more or less valuable collection of solfeggi.
  • canute So, forgetful of the compact at Rouen, no sooner had the Saxon lord come in presence of the King of the Danes, than he urged on his kinsman the glory of winning again the sceptre of Canute .
  • carnage The wind sang mournfully through the hollow; moaning among the cliffs, as with the wail of spirit voices over the drama of carnage and massacre which was here to be played out.
  • carnot The department of Calais elected him with Carnot and Thomas Paine to the Convention.
  • casket Of this number were many Germans, and these, attracted by the appearance of the pretentious German casket in which our boy's body lay, gathered around wonderingly.
  • catgut And in every hospital there is a faint mysterious incense, compounded not disagreeably of chloride of sodium and iodised catgut , which intensifies the dim religious atmosphere of the shaded wards.
  • changed I see well you are not changed , Kate.
  • cogent Knowing myself to be the least cogent of advisers, I kept silence to the last; but when all the others had failed I resolved to try my hand.
  • conger Proceeding by the whaler "Proteus" in August, 1881, to the waters of the Arctic zone, Greely reached his destination with but little trouble, and built a commodious and comfortable station on the shores of Discovery Bay, which he called Fort Conger after a United States Senator from Michigan.
  • congest The contents of a hundred Primers rose higgledy-piggledy, to congest his mind and memory.
  • connect It must connect with the tunnels, and it's not far from the dais.
  • cornet He brought dirty boots into the parlour; and he blew a tune on the little cornet you gave him, when she told him to be quiet.
  • fanged Rikki, the valiant, the true, Tikki, with eyeballs of flame, Rikk-tikki-tikki, the ivory-fanged, the hunter with eyeballs of flame!
  • gadget "But I've got a hunch that the little pocket gadget Fran carries has some superconductor in it.
  • gang Can I gang wi' you to-morrow?
  • ganges His magnetism, her husband's magnetism, that vast reservoir upon which floated the souls of many, like tiny lamps set adrift upon the bosom of the Ganges by pious Mohammedan widows, must it ever be free to all but herself?
  • gannet She loved the sea, and the stinging salt spray, and circling gull and plunging gannet , the sun on the waves, and the torn cloud.
  • garnet A right pretty gold one with a garnet in.
  • junket The head goes in and the hands are powerless, for they only grasp soft mud like a fresh junket .
  • kant Looking backward, it is easy enough to ask why Kant did not begin with the organic view of experience at which he finally arrived.
  • Banged Somewhere in the distance a door was banged to, and then Peter heard a voice, a tremendous voice, singing.
  • Cadged And he helped this youngster he must hate with his studies-cadged on his probably-to-be-successful rival for a bath.
  • Caged He was alone in a fiery furnace; caged with a maddened animal.
  • Caned I shall have to send a dozen of you up to be caned."
  • Cannot Oh, but you cannot, you must not!
  • Canoed Along it for five miles we gaily canoed before stopping for luncheon.
  • Can't You can't understand that."
  • Clanged He pressed the button and it clanged.
  • Hanged Do you want to be hanged that you propose to carry her to a port to ship men?"
  • Ranged As his eye ranged about the old building to take a farewell look, he observed the strange light in the tower, which he had noticed on a former occasion.
  • Ganged The Liberty Square ad-hocs who were working on the Mansion had been railroaded into approving a rehab, press-ganged into working on it, and were now forced to endure the company of these grandstanding megafans.
  • Cong No. 151, 29 cong.
  • Janet Janet says it is such a comfort to see me eat; she had been so afraid I would be like Miss Haythorne, who wouldn't eat anything but fruit and hot water for breakfast and tried to make Janet give up frying things.
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  • conked
  • danged And now, you danged crook, just to hit you where you live, I'm going to make a fortune."

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