What is the correct spelling for CANIDANT?

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Correct spellings for CANIDANT

  • andante Andante and Finale Mendelssohn Clifford Schmidt 13. Duet and Chorus.
  • canaanite He supposes Cadmus to have been a fugitive Canaanite , who fled from the face of Joshua: and that he was called Cadmus from being a Cadmonite, which is a family mentioned by Moses.
  • canadian This same courtesy was later denied to Captain Bernier, of the Canadian Expedition.
  • candid His book is not of a profound or critical character; but a singularly honest and candid and strictly personal biography, simply written for readers of all ages and degrees of intelligence.
  • candida He was not a handsome man, but he deserved the name of "anima candida ."
  • candidate It wasn't Ally, but she did sound like a woman who might well be a candidate for medical treatment.
  • cantata But while we are showing our respect for what the man in the street says or thinks, and the woman in the street thinks and says, are we not losing sight of a leading phrase of the symphony, sonata, cantata -whatever you like to call it-of Mrs. Nightingale's life?
  • commandant Informed of these facts by the captain of the 'Caldera,' the French vice-consul applied to Sir W. Hoste, then commandant of the English station, and requested, as all the French forces were just then absent, that he would assist in fitting out an expedition for the rescue of Mademoiselle Loviot.
  • condign And we take this Opportunity of expressing the just Sense we have of his Majesty's Paternal Goodness to his people, in directing that the person, who is now in Custody, and with the greatest reason supposed to be chiefly instrumental in that Uncommon scene of Iniquity, should be prosecuted at His Majesty's Expence: And we beg leave to assure Your Grace, that no endeavours shall be wanting on our part, to render that prosecution successful, and to bring to condign punishment not only the Unnatural Daughter of that Unhappy Gentleman, but also the Wicked Contriver and Instigator of this Cruel Design.
  • confidant I have no one else to make a confidant of, and I am very much concerned about it.
  • confidante She assures us that she is not ill, that she has no pain; for my part, I am convinced that something is the matter, but she doesn't choose to make me her confidante .
  • confident Mary Wilson was confident that Elizabeth had sent in the order.
  • constant Mostly my mind contains only two things-this constant memory of you, and that other terrible thing of which I will not speak.
  • content We have to be content with watching what Miss Sally will do next, not trying to understand her.
  • fondant "The 'Actor' has one associate, a man known as 'Billy the Fondant ,' but beyond that-with the exception of his wife, of course-he does not usually trust anyone.
  • grandaunt That's what Grandaunt Susie called it!
  • indent If the blow is a quick one, it may indeed indent the plate without having any straightening effect.
  • pendant The most striking feature of Helsingfors as one approaches it from the sea is the large Greek Church with its fifteen domes and minarets, each capped by a glittering cross and crescent with pendant chains in gilt, and as it is built upon high ground the whole is very effective.
  • Canting There was neither declaration, nor vow, nor any other form of Cupid's canting school.
  • condiment Now, as the repeal of the outlawry would involve the restitution of the estates to the rightful owner, it was obvious that it could never be expected from that most legitimate and most Christian king, Richard the First of England, the arch-crusader and anti-jacobin by excellence,-the very type, flower, cream, pink, symbol, and mirror of all the Holy Alliances that have ever existed on earth, excepting that he seasoned his superstition and love of conquest with a certain condiment of romantic generosity and chivalrous self-devotion, with which his imitators in all other points have found it convenient to dispense.
  • Candide 181. Candide , thought by Rousseau to be meant as a reply to him, i.
  • Canadians "Well, Canadians do have the British monarchy.

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