What is the correct spelling for CANTAKE?

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Correct spellings for CANTAKE

  • bandage He set it down, went back, and drew out a roll of bandage .
  • canada At the appointed time, the Alfred, the most leeward of our ships, was seen to get under weigh, followed in rapid succession by the Canada the President, and the rest of the line-of-battle ships, which stood out of the bay, accompanied by the frigates, before probably the French were aware what we were about.
  • canard But Punch ignored the attack; and the report of the death of his lady-correspondent was duly recognised as a canard .
  • candle "Well," he said more softly, "you'd better put that candle down."
  • canker Originating as a well-meant refuge for the distressed, the system has become still more a subterfuge for the lazy, and Dr. Turner sums up his account of it by saying, "This communistic system is a sad hindrance to the industrious, and eats like a canker -worm at the roots of individual and national progress."
  • cant Never using cant expressions, and although gifted with a keen sense of the humorous, he never stooped to ridiculous illustrations, which, though they create laughter, leave no lasting impression for good.
  • cantata Bach has woven it into a beautiful cantata , while Raff and Nicolai make use of it in overtures.
  • canted He had one of those long faces which invariably imply shrewdness, and he canted his head to one side while he watched Andy.
  • canteen I'm just after the canteen , Nels."
  • canter Sir Ralph seemed to divine his thoughts, for he immediately said- "Julia, I wish to have some conversation with you during the morning; we will afterwards, if you please, take a canter round the park."
  • canticle When the canticle was sung and I was slipping into the sacristy, he was beside me.
  • canto Their stories are not addressed to a Greek, elevated to some dignity, nor to his lady; as each canto of Thomson's "Seasons" is dedicated to some person of rank, or as so many forgotten epistles in verse have been dedicated, in England, to gentlemen or ladies of quality, with a brief eulogy, and the arms of the patron or patroness placed at the head of the work.
  • canton After an hour spent in study of this strange river life I was fortunate enough to go ashore with an American missionary whose husband was connected with a large college across the river from Canton .
  • cantor At last Georg Cantor has found the answer, and has conquered for the intellect a new and vast province which had been given over to Chaos and old Night.
  • canute Swain may go back to the father of Canute , or to some hoary-headed swain who, possibly, tended the swine.
  • caretaker Oh, you poisonous little caretaker , you parasite, you vampire, you fly in amber!
  • carnage Even the fatal defeat at Pinky, which at once renewed the carnage of Flodden, and the disgrace of Solway, served to prejudice the cause of the victors.
  • cartage When other people talk of reclaiming Salisbury Plain, or of cultivating the bare moorlands of the bleak North, I think of the hundreds of square miles of land that lie in long ribbons on the side of each of our railways, upon which, without any cost for cartage , innumerable tons of City manure could be shot down, and the crops of which could be carried at once to the nearest market without any but the initial cost of heaping into convenient trucks.
  • contact The oxygen which is found in the air, or the water, has come in contact with the bit of iron and has made it burn.
  • contain When the gentleman had reached the middle of the parlor, Miette could contain herself no longer.
  • contuse
  • convoke For to convoke it would produce a great and terrible appearance of creating a schism, and of setting oneself against all the world and contemplating taking the field soon.
  • cottage Now just such a mess of delicious hot pottage Was smoking away when they enter'd the cottage, – Bagman's Dog, The : Mr. Peters's Story by Richard Harris Barham
  • intake As we ingest each others' waste, in a frenzied feeding rush Leaving everything sick and dead in our wake Devouring each other in ravening, unheeding crush As we gorge ourselves on all the tripe and offal we can intake – Grotesqueries by Exhumed
  • mintage These coins struck by the Arabs after the model of the Pahlavi mintage were first deciphered by Olshausen.
  • montage
  • vandyke He was, perhaps, thirty years of age-wiry and well built, with an oval face ending in a pointed Vandyke beard; piercing brown eyes, finely chiseled nose, and a well-modeled mouth over which drooped a blond mustache.
  • vantage And I look out upon them not in the surroundings which they have chosen for themselves, but from the vantage ground of my familiar world.
  • vintage Everywhere around the vintage is going on.
  • Canting By seeing something done in quite an opposite spirit-I mean a picture of Guido's in which all the Saints, instead of that heroic simplicity and unaffected grandeur which they inherit from Raphael, had each of them both in countenance and gesture all the canting, solemn, melodramatic mawkishness of Mackenzie's father Nicholas.
  • Can't I can do that, can't I?
  • Cantos We may now pass to the six cantos which conclude this division of the poem, and form a most important stage in the development of the whole plan.
  • Candace
  • Candice
  • Candide But is it in Candide ?
  • canters I like the battle lost and won; The hurly-burlys bravely done, The warlike gallop and the warlike canters !
  • cants
  • allegate
  • back-ups

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