What is the correct spelling for CAPHA?

If you meant to type "capha" but are unsure about the correct spelling, it could be a misspelling of "kappa". Kappa is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used in scientific contexts. Double-check your intended meaning and look for related terms to find the correct spelling.

Correct spellings for CAPHA

  • cache I cleared my browser's cache to solve the website loading issue.
  • calla The calla lily is a lovely flower.
  • cap Please have a cap for me.
  • cape Nearby was a cape that jutted out into the tidal waves.
  • caper I was planning on surprise her with a caper, but she caught me.
  • capo She Bandaged His Capo's Wound.
  • capra She kept a capra named Rosie in her backyard.
  • Cara My cara is beautiful.
  • Carla Carla is an incredible artist; her paintings are simply breathtaking.
  • cash I need cash to buy groceries.
  • cathay The Cathay Pacific Airways plane was headed to Hong Kong.
  • Cathy I am Cathy, your friendly neighborhood librarian.
  • cpa As a CPA, she was responsible for ensuring the accuracy of financial statements.
  • cuppa I'll just make myself a cuppa before we get started.
  • kappa There is no pronounced difference between the Latin word for "kappa" and the Greek word for "kappa.

9 words made from the letters CAPHA