What is the correct spelling for CAR5E?

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Correct spellings for CAR5E

  • acre Some of them live in the trees, especially in the huge fir-tree that shades half an acre without the village; or among the fernlike fronds of the tamarind; and you will often see beneath such a tree, raised upon poles or nestled in the branches, a little house built of bamboo and thatch, perhaps two feet square.
  • are I mistrust my hardest toimes are ahead of me. The cliffs and peaks so high that are, To lay his hands upon a star, – Idiot Boy, The by William Wordsworth
  • bare Then did King Pellinore tell Merlin secretly of the treason he had heard in the forest, and Merlin by his craft so ordered that the knight who bare the poison was himself soon after slain by it, and so King Arthur's life was saved. Her eyes are wild, her head is bare, The sun has burnt her coal-black hair; – Her Eyes are Wild by William Wordsworth
  • cadre A component of CORDS was the CIA's Phoenix Program (1968–72), which was in part a covert program of selective assassination aimed at eradicating the Vietcongs civilian support base which killed at least 41,000 suspected VC sympathizers and cadre according to South Vietnamese government statistics.
  • cafe In the cafe in the Boulevard du Temple sit Pierre Guillot, the Chouan, and another of the old band of brigands whom George Cadoudal had mustered in Paris. Or with a Mafia meetin at the Brooklyn Cafe 'Okay, y'all wanna play?' – (When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now? by Lil' Kim
  • cage He forbade any one to open the door of the cage on pain of death, and the Queen had to keep the key in her own charge. The frustration, rage, trapped inside a cage Got beatin's 'til the age, I carried a twelve gauge – Who We Be by DMX
  • cairo His expression had convinced her that something was wrong, that something very serious had brought him to Cairo . Hundred of vans and tents all on the banks of the Ohio Bandstands floatin' from Paducah to Cairo – The Festival by Chuck Berry
  • cake The bay window of the music-room was a lovely bower of flowers and verdure and on a draped table was the huge cake with its sixty candles all ablaze, one for each year.
  • cane I had gathered in my sugar-cane crop, which was most abundant, and my plantations were finished, when, wishing to procure some amusement for my wife, I proposed to go and spend some time at the house of her sister Josephine, for whom she entertained the warmest affection.
  • cape This poor lad had been shot badly through the shoulder, and only by the skill of Moffat, the surgeon from Cape Town, had he retained what was left of his shattered arm. In the dooms of the cape I'm the love that you look for Write to me and escape – Escape by placid
  • car The car was stopping.
  • card Playing card scattered on ground. I'll run a clean campaign and that will be my winning card, Considering the kind we've had well that won't be to hard. – Our Favorite Son by Unknown Author
  • care My good sir, do you suppose I care who you are? To this Retreat, urg'd by tormenting Care , The melancholly Cloris did repair, – The Miseries of Man by Anne Killigrew
  • career His whole career was calm and dignified. Now when you choose a law career The moment you embark There is that joke you're bound hear A lawyer is a shark – Blood in the Water by Unknown Author
  • caret
  • carp It may be long before the cook comes home from market with good things for the feast-day long enough for even a carp to have an idea.
  • carry Wakeful and starry: Such fruits as these No man can carry; Half their bloom would fly, – Goblin Market by Christina Georgina Rossetti
  • cart You've all upset somebody's cart I think you forgot, love needs more than one heart – Flat Broke Love by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • carve
  • case Did ye ask him about th' Dhryfuss case ?
  • cave The two men, who yet stood without the cave , re-entered.
  • core I was concerned to the core .
  • cr
  • craw
  • cree He was a tall, splendidly made Cree , with eyes like jewels and hands as slender and small as a woman's.
  • crew
  • cry
  • cure
  • curie In France were certain statesmen and scientists like Curie .
  • dare
  • fare
  • hare
  • scare
  • ware
  • Came "No, sir, but it's easy to see where you came from," said the waiter, with withering scorn.
  • Cared Messer Griffo had ever an eye for a fine woman, and he was mightily taken with Monna Vittoria, and made his taking plain in his bluff, simple, soldierly fashion with a fine display of jewels and gold, which only served to move Monna Vittoria to laughter, for she had as much as she cared to have of such trifles, and was not to be purchased so.
  • Carl
  • Clare
  • corer
  • Cray
  • Curer If the old boat is worth anything, the curer will take it in part payment.
  • Carr
  • Cary
  • Corey
  • Cara Cara put out one hand like a sleep-walker, and came forward, still incredulous.
  • Carey
  • Carrie
  • cares
  • cars
  • CORR

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