What is the correct spelling for CARDI?

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Correct spellings for CARDI

  • cad He would have to say: "I am such a cad , so lost to any sense of honour, that I first assured you of the safety of your private correspondence, and then deliberately read it."
  • caddie Myron was much bound to his Caddie in his way of being attached to his own life and breath.
  • cadiz The ship slowly entered the harbour of Cadiz .
  • cadre The remainder should be in cadre form.
  • car "I believe I'll go back to the car ," she said, "but I don't know where I belong."
  • card This is English by the card indeed.
  • cardiac There she died last Friday evening, having improved in her cardiac symptoms, but pneumonia supervening a week ago.
  • cardiff Here is a vessel bound from Galveston to Havre with cotton, she is British; about every second or third that come by is laden with coals from Cardiff ; here is another from the other direction, bringing fruit from the Mediterranean to Liverpool, with all the beating up the Irish Channel yet to face; passing it, and doubtless hailing it in transit, is another Liverpool ship carrying a general cargo to Italy, and when times are peaceful and there are no scares from submarines, the great American liners from Plymouth swell the number with their enormous bulk.
  • cards You don't want to throw down your cards now.
  • cart He again swore he would not go, unless she would borrow him a cart rope.
  • cartier In the settlement of the terms of union, we can see not only the master hand of Sir John Macdonald in the British framework of the system, but also the successful effort of Sir George Cartier to preserve intact the peculiar institutions of his native province.
  • cat When the dog and cat have had enough to eat, they lie down perfectly happy and contented.
  • cd Try typing help cd , for example.
  • chard Ergo, McAllen must be pondering now, how could one persuade Mr. Chard to remain silent?
  • cord She pulled the bell violently, and while her hand still held the cord , the servant entered.
  • cud How cud a machine make a boot, Anna?
  • curd It has a most offensive odor and may contain clumps of curd .
  • gad His brothers, the whole house of his father, came, and a prophet of the name of Gad , "and all oppressed persons, and any one who had a creditor and was of a discontented spirit," and "David was their chief, and had under him 400 men."
  • guard Jane should have known how to guard what had perhaps never been really hers.
  • Carded In the case of the wool schedule the object of criticism has been the discrimination against the carded woollen industry, which produces the poor man's cloth, in favor of the worsted industry.
  • Carding We next stopped to watch a woman spinning inside a doorway, with an instrument like a fiddle bow-either that or she was carding the wool with it, this being in fluffy billows about her on the floor.
  • Carder The eyes were wheels, and beneath, the mass of the carder opened its mouth-a thin and hungry slit into which wound an endless band.
  • Cared You know I'm in love with you; and I know that once you cared for me.
  • Carpi 64 Carpi , Duchy of, i.
  • Cai The rest of us might quote his wit, his wisdom, might defer to him as a being, if not superhuman, at least superlative among men; but Cai Tamblyn would have none of it.
  • Cardin
  • COD He also buys cod in a dry state occasionally.
  • CADS Besides a few old farmers, churchwardens, and overseers, and such, nobody then ever smoked but labourers and the lower orders-cads as you now say.

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