What is the correct spelling for CARLEE?

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Correct spellings for CARLEE

  • cable There was my family to write to; the cable had already informed them of the accident and my recovery, but we had to tell them all about our engagement and future plans.
  • cali The true name of the nation was Cali , those of the main were Cali -nago or Cali bis, of the islands Cali -ponam.
  • call To call is to send out the voice in order to attract another's attention, either by word or by inarticulate utterance. Animals call their mates, or their young; a man call s his dog, his horse, etc. The sense is extended to include summons by bell, or any signal. To shout is to call or exclaim with the fullest volume of sustained voice; to scream is to utter a shriller cry; to shriek or to yell refers to that which is louder and wilder still. We shout words; in screaming, shrieking, or yelling there is often no attempt at articulation. To bawl is to utter senseless, noisy cries, as of a child in pain or anger. Bellow and roar are applied to the utterances of animals, and only contemptuously to those of persons. To clamor is to utter with noisy iteration; it applies also to the confused cries of a multitude. To vociferate is commonly applied to loud and excited speech where there is little besides the exertion of voice. In exclaiming, the utterance may not be strikingly, tho somewhat, above the ordinary tone and pitch; we may exclaim by mere interjections, or by connected words, but always by some articulate utterance. To ejaculate is to throw out brief, disconnected, but coherent utterances of joy, regret, and especially of appeal, petition, prayer; the use of such devotional utterances has received the special name of "ejaculatory prayer." To cry out is to give forth a louder and more excited utterance than in exclaiming or call ing; one often exclaims with sudden joy as well as sorrow; if he cries out, it is oftener in grief or agony. In the most common colloquial usage, to cry is to express grief or pain by weeping or sobbing. One may exclaim, cry out, or ejaculate with no thought of others' presence; when he call s, it is to attract another's attention.
  • calla Whata you calla dat?
  • called Again Edwin called , this time more sharply.
  • caller "I am afraid that my caller gave you a great deal of trouble," he said.
  • calve The cows were beginning to calve very fast, and when the calve s were unable to travel, they had to be destroyed, which made the mothers stray from the camp to where they had missed them; one went back in this manner the previous night, but it was out of the question to ride thirty miles after her over the stones they had traversed.
  • care He did not care what became of the boy, as long as he made money.
  • career A career was originally the ground for a race, or, especially, for a knight's charge in tournament or battle; whence career was early applied to the charge itself.
  • carlyle Probably Carlyle would have described him as a "meeserable creature."
  • caroler
  • carpel In all the genera, except Cycas itself, the female fructifications are likewise cones, each carpel bearing two ovules on its margin.
  • carrel Carrel published this letter at once in the third volume of his 'Memoirs authentiques et historiques sur la Bastille'.
  • cartel Edward Norris-so soon as might be afterwards-sent a cartel to the Count, demanding mortal combat with sword and dagger.
  • carve Dad, you are to carve .
  • clew We then hauled up, and shaped a course for Cherbourg, for we had no other clew by which to steer than the vague report that the "Rover" had gone there.
  • clue Dorland and the College professor who accompanied us were both eager to know what clue I had, but I stood them off as we walked round to the Charles-street dwelling.
  • cole Cole can do his card stunts!
  • cree Claude Bernard says, Rien ne nait, rien ne se cree , tout se continue.
  • curl As the tears were beaten back she saw and recognized him, with a curl of the lip.
  • curled Betty curled herself up in her chair and listened to the voices of the night.
  • curler When the vessel bearing the Plymouth traders reached this point in the river, the Dutch commander, John van Curler , commanded Holmes to stop and strike his flag.
  • curlew He had heard curlew whistle in the dark and wondered whether the birds were as wild as they are in England.
  • curly Some one was curled up in a big chair before the fire-a little girl with curly auburn locks falling about her face; she wore a soft cashmere frock, and was a very dainty-looking little maid.
  • gale He had gone out of their lives as completely as a candle in a gale of wind.
  • glee When the machine began to move she clapped her hands in childish glee .
  • kale Kale said he'd call around again this mornin' to see you.
  • klee Paul, a native of Russia, baptized by the L.J.S. missionary Dr. Klee , in Berlin, about 1864 or 1865. He then studied at Basle, and laboured as a missionary of the British Society, and Pastor in Warsaw, the Baltic Provinces, Breslau, Munich and Hamburg, with much blessing upon his labours.
  • Cal "It's better if you get used to him," Cal cautioned.
  • Carl Carl Richter,-as his father before him,-had lived for others.
  • Carlin He could not see Carlin .
  • Charlie "I'll tell you all about everything, Charlie ," promised Constance.
  • Carlos Carlos and Mercedes appear.
  • Coulee You described everything, from Cold Spring Coulee to the house you built, and the spring under the rock wall, and even the meadow lark's nest you found in the weeds.
  • Caleb This faculty, however, by no means impairs those instinctive processes of the imagination by which true artistic work is produced; George Eliot combining in an unusual degree the subtlest power of analysis with that happy gift of genius which enabled her to create such characters as Amos Barton, Hetty, Mrs. Poyser, Maggie, and Tom Tulliver, Godfrey Cass and Caleb Garth, which seem to come fresh from the mould of Nature itself.
  • Karl We were turning away a second time when Karl cried: "Look!"
  • Callie One day we took Papa's dinner to him and found him sawing down trees where the railroad was to cross Dry Callie Creek.
  • Carey I have asked Mr. Lehmann, I have asked Mr. Carey , and said to them If it is true, let me go?
  • Carla That night there was trouble and sorrow for good Mother Grougans and for Carla and Alween.
  • Carlene Burning Up (album), 1995 album by Sizzla"Burnin Up" (Imagination song), 1981"Burnin Up" (Jessie J song), 2014"Burnin Up" (Madonna song), 1982"Burning Up" (Ne-Yo song), 2012"Burnin Up" (Jonas Brothers song), 2008"Burnin Up" (Faith Evans song), 2001"Burnin
  • Carly "You don't know about the prophecy, Carly !
  • Cleo What's the matter, Cleo ?
  • Gayle "Upon my word, Squire, you've missed you're vocation," laughed Father Gayle .
  • Karla A thin shrewish little woman, pretty and malicious, with cold steel-blue eyes and sucked-in lips, always wore white silk, and trailed a fan-shaped train behind her: she called herself Frau Karla , but what her real name was no one knew except her lover, a very young, very pale and slim young man, the son of a rich manufacturer.
  • Coley To be sure there were Silver and Coley Streets; they were bad enough for anything.
  • Carlo When she discovered the loss of her hopeful family, she wandered about in a melancholy way, evidently searching for them, till, encountering Carlo , it seemed suddenly to strike her that he had been the cause of her loss.
  • Charley I think you meant this for Charley Crabbe.
  • Earle David's friend, Donald Earle , was ably living up to his college reputation, and proved himself a source of unmitigated pleasure to the young people among whom he was thrown.
  • Carole Eventually, Mr. Carole was indicted for a nuisance.
  • CARER Senior citizens representative group Seniors Australia criticised the budget for not increasing the seniors pension, and Carer s Australia expressed dismay over the lack of change for carer payments.
  • crossexaminations

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