What is the correct spelling for CAUAE?

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Correct spellings for CAUAE

  • ca
  • cacao I love the rich flavor of cacao in my morning smoothie.
  • cache The website's cache is cleared every 24 hours to ensure that users see the most updated content.
  • cadge It is not a good practice to cadge meals from strangers.
  • cafe I need to go to the cafe to get my coffee fix.
  • cage The prisoner was in a cage.
  • Cai He used to be a barista, but now he's a singer called Cai
  • cake She gave me a cake.
  • Came After she finished her breakfast, she came out to the living room to watch TV.
  • cane Matilda held her cane very proudly.
  • canoe I'd love to spend the day on the lake in a canoe.
  • cape I'm wearing my cape.
  • car I drove my car to the grocery store.
  • Cara I love spending time with my friend Cara.
  • care I take great care of my possessions.
  • carve He helped to carve the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • case I need to prepare my arguments for the court case tomorrow.
  • cause I don't know how you can cause such a fuss about such a small cause.
  • Causer
  • cave I was so excited to go cave exploring with my friends.
  • caw The crow let out a loud caw before flying away.
  • cay I forgot my wallet in the cay.
  • CCU The patient was transferred to the CCU due to a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • clue In the movie "Clue", who is the victim?
  • coupe The stylish coupe whizzed past us on the highway.
  • cu
  • cube The cube is a three-dimensional solid with six square faces and six round corners.
  • cue The actor completely forgot his cue and missed his entrance on stage.
  • cur I sure do need a new cur.
  • cure I'm looking for a cure for my hangover.
  • cute That puppy is so cute, I can't resist snuggling with him.
  • gaea Gaea, also known as the Earth Goddess, was responsible for creating everything in the universe.
  • gauge She used a gauge to measure the width of the opening.
  • gauze I used a gauze bandage to cover the wound.
  • kauai My wife and I honeymooned on Kauai.
  • LAUE I've always loved LAUE's subtle scent.
  • Qua Qua consultant, I have advised many companies on their marketing strategies.
  • quay The ship was docked at the bustling quay, waiting to be unloaded.
  • Que Que pena que no pudiste venir a la fiesta. (What a shame you couldn't come to the party.)

5 words made from the letters CAUAE

  • 3 letter words made from CAUAE:

    ace, aec, cue, uca.
  • 4 letter words made from CAUAE: