What is the correct spelling for CAUST?

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Correct spellings for CAUST

  • cart If Mr. and Mrs. Evesham with their daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Sartoris, Mr. Cottrell, and the Squire would go in that, then she, Blanche, and either Captain Braybrooke or Mr. Beauchamp could go in the carriage, and Jim could drive one gentleman over in the dog-cart. I might upset your cart Go on and eat out your heart – Humdinger by Freddy Cannon
  • case "You will begin to think I dislike him and want to get rid of him, but it isn't the case . and the Peter Reich case the loonie land times with their budget in disgrace I asked myself – The Queen And I by KLF
  • cased As it was cold, they wore under their ferrajas quilted sacques of woolen and calico coming down below the knee, and trousers that bagged over, nearly covering their feet, which were cased in slippers, though one of the negresses rejoiced in gorgeous yellow boots with pointed toes.
  • cast "When daylight broke through the clouds and cast its softening rays over the roadstead, another picture of horror rose to the eyes. On Johnny vile reflections cast: "A little idle sauntering Thing!" With other names, an endless string; But now that time is gone and past. – Idiot Boy, The by William Wordsworth
  • caste The barber on his arrival stands outside the door of the house, and the bridegroom's father sends round to all the families of his caste . my sons who might be the last well excel the standards of the working man and tear down the barrier that separates the caste – The Struggle by Minutemen
  • caster It contained, among other occupants, a certain Alpheus, a physician and caster of nativities, who had prophesied to himself a long life, and a death in the bosom of his family.
  • castor It's a glossy silk tile, with a pair of gray castor gloves folded neat alongside.
  • casuist Oh, you could never be a casuist !
  • cat And the cat with her kittens yonder. Grizabella the Glamour Cat Who would ever suppose that that – Grizabella: The Glamour Cat by Unknown Author
  • cause It was the impatience of General Hill, not the tardiness of Jackson, which was the cause of the Confederate repulse. He learned was in Natures laws, Of all her foliage knew the cause, – The Toad And Spyder. A Duell by Richard Lovelace
  • caustic
  • coast At every business on the coast Swear t'God they got the most – Flakes by Frank Zappa
  • cost
  • crust And then, when red doth the sword of our Duke rust, And its leathern sheath lie o'ergrown with a blue crust, – Flight Of The Duchess, The by Robert Browning
  • crusty
  • cst
  • curt Something in the curt reply caught her attention, and she gave him a quick glance.
  • cuss They haven't been able to tell a thing about him that's worth a cuss ."
  • custer It's in Eastern Montana an' the Dakotas that you get them, an' there's been a lot o' trouble in the Custer an' Sioux forests.
  • cut Could we cut our way out?
  • faust Before the fire sits John Faust .
  • guest May I hope to have you as my guest ?"
  • gust But the gust of feeling died away as suddenly as it had arisen, and left him ill and faint.
  • gusto It did your heart good to see his gusto !
  • gusty "One night,-it was before Sir Horace left for Scotland-a rainy gusty night, this young woman came.
  • joust Erec rode a white horse, and came forth alone at the head of the line to joust , if he may find an opponent.
  • just We want it just 'in patches'-as you say.
  • quest Now what say ye to this quest ?
  • Caught Even if we had wanted to stop him, we couldn't have caught him.
  • Caused Very well, what caused it to do so?
  • Causer
  • cuts
  • casts This river, which casts itself into the Ottawa over a rock twenty-five by thirty feet high, is divided in the middle of the fall by a little island, which parts the waters into two white sheets, resembling a double curtain open in the middle and spreading out below.
  • cats Then the lads clambered like cats up to the opening in the roof, and sprang off and away.
  • cars It occurred usually upon the street cars .
  • carts The heavier portions would be transported in ox-carts.
  • caws
  • CATT The tenth annual convention was held at Moorestown, November 13, 14. There was a large attendance, including many men. The new national president, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt , was the principal speaker.
  • CADS "Jolly right too," said Cusack, delighted to agree with his old enemy for once; "those schoolhouse cads are cheats, every one of them?"
  • de-fogged

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