What is the correct spelling for CCTV?

If you often misspell "CCTV", don't worry, it happens to many people. Instead of typing "CCTV", try suggesting "CC TV" as a correct alternative. This adaptation ensures that the abbreviation is understood while separating the two Cs. By incorporating this small change, your spelling will be spot on!

Correct spellings for CCTV

  • ATV My family and I like to go ATV riding in the mountains during the summer.
  • cat My neighbor's cat likes to sunbathe on my porch.
  • Cato Cato was known for his unwavering commitment to honor and duty.
  • cats Cats are known for their adorable yet mischievous personalities.
  • CATT
  • CATV I'm looking for a cable box for my catv installation.
  • CCTV The camera is a key part of security on CCTV systems.
  • CDT The CDT is a great way to see the prairies.
  • cot The baby slept peacefully in the crib beside the cot.
  • cote The cote was full of doves cooing in the morning light.
  • cots The emergency shelter had rows of cots set up for those seeking refuge from the storm.
  • ct
  • CTN He was admitted to the hospital with a CTN.
  • CTR The latest trend in social media is using "CTR" or "click-through rates" to measure how much people are
  • cut I need to cut the paper into smaller pieces to fit in the folder.
  • cute She always wears cute outfits to work.
  • cuts The chef carefully makes cuts into the steak to ensure it is cooked evenly.
  • cv I updated my CV and submitted it to the company's HR department.
  • cwt Can you convert the weight of the shipment from pounds to cwt?
  • MTV I can't believe MTV is still on the air.
  • tv The TV is on in the living room.