What is the correct spelling for CEARITN?

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Correct spellings for CEARITN

  • art composed of
  • baritone He was not without a competitor, a handsome young baritone, who was much commended.
  • berating He was almost as uneasy as the storm itself; alternately berating himself for a "fool," and speculating upon the deacon's management of affairs at the barn.
  • briton The rationalism of the higher class strikes them as cynical, and the generation which listens to Wesley must have also a secular literature, which, whether sentimental as with Richardson or representing common sense with Fielding, must at any rate correspond to solid substantial matter-of-fact motives, intelligible to the ordinary Briton of the time.
  • broken down
  • carotene
  • ceding The early beginnings were there, briefly rivalling Arras, but Arras, as we have seen, caught up the industry with greater zeal and became the ever-famous leader of the Fifteenth Century, ceding to Brussels in the Sixteenth Century, whence the high point of perfection was carried to Paris and caused the establishment of the Gobelins.
  • certain He thinks he has a certain interest in you.
  • citron Spread in a pan, sprinkle with seeded and cleaned raisins or currants, a little shredded citron, dot with butter, and sift over sugar and spice, cinnamon preferred.
  • cretan To such men might with justice be applied the poet's description of the Cretan warrior; translated by my friend, Dr. Leyden.
  • cretin In a few days the cretin will get warmer, and require much less wrapping and bed-clothing.
  • Cyrano Cyrano took the idea of this book from F. Godwin's Man in the Moon, 1583, and it in turn gave rise to Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Voltaire's Micromegas.
  • grating "Lost my nerve," he said, with a little grating laugh, and turned out of doors.
  • keratin
  • Lacerating There arose a wild, impetuous, precipitate, mad, inexorable, furious, dark, lacerating, merciless, combative, contentious badb, which was shrieking and fluttering over their heads.
  • Macerating The straining is accomplished through the medium of the manyplies or book, while the paunch, or rumen, with its adjunct, the waterbag, is concerned in the macerating, kneading, and mixing, as well as in regurgitation for rumination or the chewing of the cud.
  • meriting The clever, like the handsome, to be pardoned for being so, should affect a humility they are but too seldom in the habit of feeling; and to acquire popularity must appear unconscious of meriting it.
  • orating By this time another is orating, Mr. Sam Price, Jackson Democrat.
  • puritan No, I want to know why he is a Puritan; I seek to show the folly of his expression; I must register my protest that I have not been moved by him, that I consider him intellectually and morally deficient.
  • rating In the rating of courses on this basis, the commander excludes consideration of losses except as they may influence success or failure.
  • rattan Why, monsieur, the fact is, that that cane-the more I look at it-a rattan-exactly!
  • reading But Ralph observed that although Mrs. Hilbery held the book so close to her eyes she was not reading a word.
  • retain But why did not the rejected lover send the letter he received-and which he must have known he had no right to retain-to Miss Moran, or to the Englishman for whom it was intended?
  • rewriting It is obvious that parts of it have been written rapidly and not boiled down; and my impression is that you have left over in it too much of the complication of form in which our ideas, our critical ideas especially, first come to us, and which has, with much rewriting, to be straightened out.
  • saarinen
  • samaritan She knew what the Jews said of the Samaritan worship.
  • serried The trees rose about him, towering high into the soft darkness in serried ranks, and the snow gleamed a cold blue-grey under them.
  • Smarten We're going to have to smarten up in a hurry.
  • triton The Triton, however, was soon to be far away from such scenes, and to be engaged in the stern reality of warfare.
  • Zairian