What is the correct spelling for CEKK?

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Correct spellings for CEKK

  • beak It had two awful eyes and a beak and a lot of legs, or arms, or whatever they were, and a fat body which-there it is, Jack!
  • beck Saith the lord of saint Leonard's: "The brotherhood Will ring and never tire For a beck or a nod of the Baron good;"- Saith Sir Wilfrid: "They will-for hire!"
  • berk As suggested by Peck they are both closely related to C. chimonophilus Berk .
  • cake You make your cake .
  • cask The boat also carried a large cask .
  • ce Ce pauvre jeune homme est mort d'amour!
  • cebu Although Pigafetta tells us of it, he mentions it only in Paragua, and not in Cebu nor in any other island of the south, where he stayed long time.
  • cede Our duties to society must not cede to any effeminate compassion for ourselves.
  • cell While I was doing it I heard her leave her cell and anxiously ask the woman if the sea were very cold.
  • ceo 94: o caminho do Ceo he cercado de inimigos e perigos para o perder.
  • cert Or rather 'trying to', because it is a dead cert .
  • check And this early legislation is well devised to check it in detail.
  • cheek There was a mole on his right cheek .
  • coke I happened to be up at Parkinton at the time, buying some coke , and I saw him carried out.
  • cook Why we would cook for twenty people to get to talk to one.
  • cork Kent waved it off, and Manley drew the cork and held the bottle to his own lips.
  • deck M'Rua and all the warriors fell on their faces so that their bodies formed a long, living deck .
  • desk The colonel walked over to the desk , took his cigar from his mouth, and said: "Good morrrning, Colonel Spaulding!"
  • geek Each looked as if executed with a Squirt Gun by a Nervous Geek on his way to a Three Days Cure.
  • heck I've got just as good a right here as you fellers have, by heck !
  • leak All your brains seem to leak out your mouth.
  • leek He had the rice to give consistency to his soup, and the leek roots to flavour it with.
  • meek Moses was exceedingly meek .
  • neck Put your arms around my neck , and lean on me.
  • peak I had made a first ascent of the great mid-Alaskan peak in 1906. The record of that conquest was published during my absence in the North, under the title, "To the Top of the Continent."
  • peck "Do you know," he said, "there are certain toucans which during the breeding season seek hollows in trees; there the female lays eggs and sits upon them, while the male pastes the opening with clay so that only her head is visible, and not until the young are hatched does the male begin to peck with his long beak and free the mother."
  • peek As I was sayin', I built my first cabin at The Forks-a sort o' peek -a-boo cabin it was, where the wolves usta come an' look in at nights.
  • peke 2. Give an imitation of a lady and her pet "Peke."
  • perk You'll perk up after we're at Antelope Spring, an' show the people there what you can do."
  • reek Those places must reek with the smell of death and corruption, for the losses of the Prussian Guards during the last few and of other divisions who have come up against the Canadians, have been, I am told and believe, enormous.
  • seek But where shall we seek them?
  • teak Then Mr B. showed us his teak logs tethered alongside the banks, waiting for high water to take them on their road south.
  • weak He was weak and nervous.
  • week Even with but part of a day in each week together they were very happy.
  • Eek Eek therto he was right a mery man, And after soper pleyen he bigan, And spak of mirthe amonges others thinges, Whan that we hadde maad our rekeninges....
  • Eke The good fellow who is so popular at the Club today is found tomorrow trying to eke out an existence selling books and life insurance to other good fellows.
  • Keck Book 1. Student's guide, by Dudley Miles, Edwin Greenlaw, William H. Elson and Christine M. Keck .
  • Zeke Howevur, the Kernel sent me some prime old rye, and that, together with some operdildock that old Aunt Keziah Wiggleton sent to me by my nefu Zeke put me on my pins agin.
  • CK The lad looked down abashed at the reproof, then he said: "Well, father, if I could not rise in arms or slay a Spaniard and then be killed, I would leave my home and join the sea beggars under La Marck."
  • CECA Ancestors of lepidopteran species, stemming from Hymenoptera, had midgut ceca, although this is lost in current butterflies and moths.
  • CERF A cry went up, "Le Cerf Agile!"