What is the correct spelling for CENUS?

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Correct spellings for CENUS

  • cans I recycled all the cans from our party.
  • censer During the religious ceremony, the priest swung the censer back and forth as incense smoke filled the church.
  • censor The government decided to censor the movie, citing concerns about its explicit content.
  • census What was the census for?
  • cent The museum charged a modest cent fee for admission to see the exhibit.
  • CENTS I only have twenty cents left in my pocket.
  • cetus Cetus is a constellation located in the equatorial region of the sky.
  • cns The CNS is responsible for coordinating all body movements and functions.
  • cons One of the cons of living in a busy city is the lack of privacy.
  • cygnus Cygnus is the Latin word for " Swan.
  • DENS The dens of some animals are built in caves, while others dig burrows underground.
  • Enos Enos was believed to be the grandson of Adam in the Bible.
  • Ens At the party Ens was chatting to some new people.
  • fens The fens are a vegetated area on land that was once wet.
  • genius A genius is a rare talent and to be one is an amazing thing.
  • gens In Latin, gens translates to "kind.
  • genus The genus of birds includes the woodpeckers.
  • gnus I think I'll put on some gnus and go for a walk.
  • KENS The Giving KENS Association provides financial help to charitable organizations in the Dallas area.
  • lens He cleaned his camera lens before snapping a perfect shot of the sunset.
  • menus We ordered our food from the menus.
  • NUS NUS is a leading university in Singapore.
  • oceanus The oceanus flows beneath our feet.
  • onus I have the onus to prove my innocence.
  • Pens I need to buy some new pens for my desk.
  • Sans My copy of "The Catcher in the Rye" is sans subtitle.
  • scenes Some of the most memorable scenes in the movie were when the family would gather around the dinner table and discuss their day.
  • scents The scents of lavender and rosemary filled the air.
  • seines Fishermen used large seines to catch schools of fish in the ocean.
  • sends The email program sends messages instantly.
  • senors
  • sens The sense of taste can detect five different categories of flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.
  • sense Common sense is crucial when making important decisions.
  • sins All of my sins will be forgiven.
  • sinus I have been suffering from a sinus headache for days.
  • Sons The sons of George were not as clever as their father had been.
  • SUNS The Suns won the basketball game by a score of 110-105.
  • TENS I need to get a tens unit for my pain.
  • venous I'm feeling a bit venous today.
  • venues The venues for this year's festival are much larger than in previous years.
  • venus I can tell that you're attracted to me, because you started talking about Venus.
  • zeus Zeus was the king of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology.

17 words made from the letters CENUS