What is the correct spelling for CERITN?

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Correct spellings for CERITN

  • berating I sat very still and repressed, trying to remember the harsh, unkind things I had said to her, and berating myself fiercely for all of them.
  • breton In truth, in the Breton mind, the dead are not dead; they live a mysterious life on the edge of real life, but their world remains fully mingled with ours, and as soon as night falls, as soon as the living, properly so called, give themselves up to the temporary sleep of death, the so-called dead again become the inhabitants of the earth which they have never left.
  • briton Across the Channel from the brawny Briton is the Frenchman, who, with infinitely more wisdom, begins his day with a cup of coffee and a roll.
  • ceding There was also a remnant in the island of Saghalien, but in 1875, when a treaty was made with Russia ceding the Japanese claim to the southern half of Saghalien in exchange for the Kurile islands, permission was granted for all Japanese subjects who wished, to remove to the Japanese island of Yezo.
  • certain But he had said, for certain , that he would come home....
  • citron Put into a buttered tin in layers, alternating with shredded candied orange-peel and citron .
  • cretan He soon dismissed his man-servant, and the book he had meant to read in the night-a book on the newly-revealed treasures of Cretan art-lay ready to his feeble hand on the table by the wide, low bed which was the only new piece of furniture placed there since the room had been the nursery of his happy childhood.
  • cretin Gradually hair and skin return to the previous cold-blooded animal state, and the whole picture of the cretin is in full bloom.
  • keratin This species is notorious for feeding on clothing and natural fibers; they have the ability to digest keratin protein in wool and silk.
  • meriting But even in this there was penance, a meriting of forgiveness, a claim for pity.
  • puritan One, at least, ought to have known better, for he has edited more books of the Puritan epoch than any other man in England.
  • satin At half price, nevertheless, he was at the play again, his whole existence centred on an airy compound of clear muslin and white satin that was twirling about the stage."
  • seating "Come now, sister," Tug said, seating himself in front of her, and frowning like a pirate.
  • serenity She had recovered the noble and gentle serenity of her features, now that the first delirium of despair had passed.
  • seton To borrow from Ernest Seton Thompson, man is evolved with the lower orders in the same way that water is changed into steam, and the nature of the change, when it is effected, is as radical.
  • setting For a number of nights it made grim faces at us in its setting .
  • siren Sound our siren , and give the cutter her head.
  • sorting He had fallen from one of the "roads" sixty feet sheer on to a sorting table at the bottom of the claim.
  • stein In fact, in the previous month a plan of a popular insurrection had been secretly discussed by Stein , Scharnhorst, and other patriotic Ministers.
  • stern It is a strong, stern , matter-of-fact book.
  • strain The long strain of anxiety and fear and then the sudden release had been too much.
  • string The first one, big and light, was let go in a western wind; it shot up at once very high, and when Stas cut the string , flew, carried by a powerful current of air, to the Karamojo mountain chain.
  • syrian The words 'Hoc misso in Syriam' are supposed to imply that he was sent as a legatus to join Crassus in his Syrian province.
  • triton "I shall be able to fulfil your wishes, for the Admiralty have appointed me to the command of the Triton , 38-gun frigate, ordered to be fitted out with all despatch at Portsmouth.
  • writing You don't know yet why I've come-instead of writing .
  • written She ought to be written to.
  • Aerating They never let themselves clash with any one, and their private rufflings of each other had only a happy effect of aerating their depths, and left them as mirror-smooth and thoroughly one as the bosom of a garden lake after the ripples have died behind two jostling swans.
  • Citing Americans are very fond of citing as an example of English manners the legend of a great lady who, at an American breakfast, saw her husband declining a dish which was offered to him, and called across the table, "Take some, my dear-it isn't half as nasty as it looks."
  • Reciting Quietly, as though he were reciting the story to himself and were not sure whether he were telling it aloud or no, he began.
  • Resting After resting for some ten days, and the weather having in the meantime cleared, we made another start.
  • Scenting The reporters, scenting a welcome sensation in what had been a dull session of a dull committee, sat with poised pencils while the Bishop turned a look of quiet gravity upon the chairman and said: "I represent Joseph Winthrop, a voter of Racquette County."
  • Searing But they knew he'd tried to do something with apparatus that burned itself out without operating, and that he'd tumbled down a ten-foot drop while fleeing from the searing green arc, and even that he'd appealed for help with the words, "Try!
  • Gratin And shall we say potatoes au gratin?
  • Crating Ten million feet of lumber were used, chiefly in boxing and crating, as very little wood is now used in the reaper.
  • Creating They were far more mechanical work, naturally, than creating an expression and throwing it on a human face.
  • Creighton I have seen Professor Hering's theory adopted recently more unreservedly by Dr. Creighton in his "Illustrations of Unconscious Memory in Disease."
  • Chretien 12th Century A.D. Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes.
  • zeroing Down it sped, zeroing in on the wall of the station.
  • RETINA As in the nose and the eye, the important part of the ear is the nerve spot that can "feel" the air waves that we call sound, just as the retina "feels" light.

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