What is the correct spelling for CERTURIES?

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Correct spellings for CERTURIES

  • castries There is a fear that the Marechal de Castries is disposed to retire.
  • cerise I did not, your highness, tell the whole truth to Cerise ; for I have always considered it perfectly justifiable to retain facts which cannot add to people's happiness.
  • series A series of lessons will be necessary for this purpose.
  • Arteries Their hearts and the arteries in their temples, hands, and limbs pulsated as if in a moment they would burst.
  • Cemeteries He said that between the Mariahilf and Lerchenfeld cemeteries the line of investment was held by a squadron of hussars with whom the Aula had for some time been fraternising, and that it was hoped this squadron would not only offer a free escape to fugitives in case of danger, but would also join in their flight and cover their rear, thus securing them a safe retreat into Galicia or Hungary.
  • Centuries Doesn't seem to have been used for centuries or more.
  • Cities Kind of holds you till you wonder why folks ever build cities and things.
  • Estuaries Farther along the coast, invisible, but known to be performing a post perilous and vital service, was a squadron of Dutch vessels of all sizes, lining both the inner and outer edges of the sandbanks off the Flemish coasts, and swarming in all the estuaries and inlets of that intricate and dangerous cruising-ground between Dunkerk and Walcheren.
  • Mortuaries Then they think it would be an added decency to the lives of the poor if there were more mortuaries near their homes to take the dead bodies from the already overcrowded rooms-as though the problem they were there to consider was not the housing of the quick, but the housing of the dead.
  • Sectaries But bearbaiting, then a favourite diversion of high and low, was the abomination which most strongly stirred the wrath of the austere sectaries.
  • Tories Thomas Waties, to proceed down the road, and attack Dollard's house, where it was supposed the tories were posted, and at the same time he detached two companies to the right, under Col.
  • Vestries Following the method adopted in launching the institution, your Royal Highness appealed to the mayors, corporations, and Local Boards throughout the country, and in the Metropolitan districts to the Vestries , to make known the fact of the competition, and to organise the preliminary examinations, selecting the examiners from the must eminent local musicians.
  • Stories Therefore such stories are not told and not remembered.
  • Gestures It was the ship's cook, who, with startled face and hurried gestures, looked in upon us.
  • Sutures It is, as the traveler reports, celebrated in the locality "on account of its depressed gigantic crania, without sutures."
  • retires In the mad struggle for these ephemeral pleasures, the wise man retires unobserved from the scene of cruel and sordid rapacity, having secretly within him the greatest prize of all, which Fortune cannot give or take away.
  • terriers Outside an orange sunset shone through palm stems, and flying foxes as big as fox terriers passed moth-like within arms length.
  • certifies As we have seen, the doctrine of Evolution is presented by its advocates as being based upon the existence of a "Law of Evolution," or "Law of Substance," which both brings about evolutionary processes, and certifies us of their occurrence, so that we may appeal to it as an authority for our belief in the facts of evolution themselves.
  • tortures He knew that he was about to undergo tortures of anxiety and privation; and, what was worse, he knew he was going to miss.
  • tries All healthy life is satisfactory to itself; when it develops reason, it tries to find out why, and this is yet another testimony to the fact that having power and using it is pleasant.
  • features There was a great deal of his mother in the cast of his features , and his eyes were grey and green like hers, but his mouth was Donald Cameron's set in a boy's face.
  • nurtures But bad air lessens vitality and nurtures disease.
  • satires He wrote many works, comprising novels, poems, satires , historical and biographical writings, a complete list of which may be found in the "Moniteur des Dates," vi.
  • couturiers
  • retries
  • eateries
  • sentries "Call back the sentries , Major!
  • allembracing
  • allencompassing
  • easings
  • grouchinesses
  • illjudged
  • illlighted
  • illmade
  • illmannered
  • illmatched

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