What is the correct spelling for CHIKS?

If you're aiming to spell the word "chiks" correctly, it's important to recognize its standard spelling, which is "chicks". This simple correction ensures accuracy, preventing confusion for readers. By using the accepted spelling, you can communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Correct spellings for CHIKS

  • chairs She arranged the chairs around the table for the meeting.
  • CHALKS The teacher wrote on the board with different colored chalks.
  • checks I always make sure to write checks for my bills before their due dates to avoid any late fees.
  • cheeks When she blushed, her cheeks turned a bright shade of red.
  • chic The woman looked so chic in her black dress and fashionable hat.
  • chick The mother hen was taking care of her newly hatched chick.
  • chicks The farmer noticed that some of the chicks had escaped from the coop.
  • chicos Los chicos del barrio jugaron fútbol el sábado por la tarde.
  • chinks Using derogatory terms like "chinks" to refer to people of Asian descent is unacceptable and offensive.
  • CHINS Some people have one chin, while others have two or three chins.
  • Chips I love to eat chips with my burgers.
  • CHIS
  • chits I must get some chits for the vending machine.
  • chix
  • chocks Diane put a set of chocks by the front tire to prevent it from rolling.
  • choirs The two choirs sang beautiful harmonies during the church service.
  • chokes He chokes on his food sometimes because he eats too quickly.
  • Chris Chris is my neighbor who is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • chucks I always wear my chucks with my jeans.
  • chunks The meat was cut into large chunks before it was cooked.
  • hikes She goes on hikes every weekend with her friends.
  • sheiks Tickets are on sale now for the sheiks' headlining performance.
  • shirks He always shirks his responsibilities and lets others do the work.