What is the correct spelling for CHILDER?

If you're hoping for correct suggestions for the misspelling "childer", look no further. The word you may be looking for is "children". Double-check your spelling to ensure it accurately reflects what you intend to convey. Remember, children are our future!

Correct spellings for CHILDER

  • builder The builder was able to construct the entire house in just six months.
  • calder The Calder Mobile in the museum was mesmerizing to watch.
  • chaldea Chaldea was an ancient region of southern Mesopotamia that is now part of present-day Iraq.
  • chide I will not chide you for making a mistake, but please be more careful in the future.
  • chided My mother chided me for not finishing my homework.
  • child
  • chile Chile is a South American country known for its long coastline, mountainous terrain, and rich culture.
  • chilies I added chopped chilies to the curry to add some heat.
  • chilled I like to have a glass of chilled water after a long run.
  • chiller I'm not feeling so hot, I think I might need a chiller.
  • chillier The evening air was much chillier than I had anticipated.
  • choler His choler rose quickly when he realized he had been betrayed by his closest friend.
  • chowder I love to eat creamy chowder on a rainy day.
  • colder The weather forecast for tomorrow is colder than today.
  • gilder The gilder skillfully applied gold leaf to the frame of the painting.
  • guilder In the 17th century, the Dutch guilder was a popular currency in global trade.
  • holder Please leave your keys on the holder.
  • milder The weather is milder today than yesterday.
  • philter The party flavoured with a potent philter.
  • wilder The wilder the better.