What is the correct spelling for CHOEN?

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Correct spellings for CHOEN

  • chain After that the dog-chain remained still.
  • chew Cooking Makes Food Easier to Chew and Digest.
  • chin Perhaps I describe my condition to you as worse than it really is," he said, leaning tenderly over her, and, putting his hand beneath her chin , he looked deep into her dark eyes.
  • china I feel almost as far away from you all as if I were in China .
  • chine She was so pretty in her gown of white crepe de chine !
  • chino The Kurile Isles, north of Yesso, and in the neighbourhood of Kamschatka, have been incorporated in the Empire since 1875, and the Loo-Choo Islands, some 500 miles south-west of Japan's southern extremity, since 1876. The great island of Formosa, situated off the coast of China, was ceded to Japan as the outcome of the Chino -Japanese War in 1895, while as the result of the recent conflict with Russia, Japan has obtained back the southern half of the large island of Sakhalin, which formerly entirely belonged to her, as well as Port Arthur and Dalny on the mainland, not to speak of the preponderating influence she has obtained in Korea, which is now practically under the suzerainty of Japan.
  • choke A good long choke is almost welcome at this moment.
  • chopin She told the world at large how exacting and cross and tiresome Chopin was.
  • chore Alma was at the pretty chore of lifting the trays from a hamper of roses.
  • chosen I wish you could have chosen some strong, sensible, matter-of-fact young woman!"
  • chou The Chinese call it Chin-chou.
  • chow That way we get plenty chow , hey?"
  • churn Why, she's down at the spring-house watchin' 'em try a new-fangled churn , or-or was a few minutes ago.
  • cone He had walked there before beneath a sky of darker blue, and when there had been only stray gleams of moonlight shining through the cone -laden boughs to show him the rough path; and he had been there when the tree-tops had bent beneath the shrieking wind, when the black clouds had been flying over his head, and the roar of the angry sea had filled the air with thunder.
  • hen 5, 54-58, 108 Llywarch Hen , ii.
  • hone Hone James, tailor, St. James.
  • phone He reached for the phone .
  • rhone I am come from the Rhone to bathe you.
  • sheen They could even see a portion of the noble mansion of Norman architecture, gleaming red and white under the silvery sheen of the moonlight.
  • shine There was a shine of tears on her cheeks.
  • shoe He directed us "around the Court House following the traffic, then north to the place next-door to the Adam Shoe Store with the big electric shoe hanging out in front-you can't miss it."
  • Chose In most cases,, I think, that would be the case; but, for my own part, was not bound to do that, because at the time of settlement I had always something to take, and I could deal where I chose.
  • Shewn I was shewn into the room where I am now writing, and another person was sent to me, who perhaps is the master of the house, though from his appearance I should rather suppose the contrary.
  • Shone The sun again shone forth brightly, and the air felt fresh and pure after the storm.
  • Shoeing As late as the 20th century, the smith produced tools, and ornamental items in addition to his steady business of shoeing horses.
  • Shown I had not shown them to every man, but I had shown them to the captain, who I expected would have more knowledge of the matter than the other men.
  • Chen Of the 6 Chinese ships left in the line, the four smaller seem now to have moved on to southward, while both Japanese divisions concentrated on the two battleships Chen -yuen and Ting-yuen.
  • Chan Hand in hand with Yuki Chan came love, and bound the hearts of the man and woman with ties of a desire fulfilled.
  • Chaney Safe put away wi' the chaney, lad, an' noo it's yours again.
  • Che Vra Sria attenda con ogni diligenza e vigilanza a questi negotii d'Inghilterra procurando che conforme alla volonta di N. Sra obedischino al suo re e non s'intrighino in congiure tumulti ed altre cose, per le quali possino dispiacere a quella Ma.
  • Shane Mr. Shane still less so.
  • Chloe The city, as joyous as Chloe , had suddenly turned a frightening grimace upon her.
  • Cheney Preston Cheney , the native-born American directly descended from a Revolutionary soldier, would be handicapped in the race with some Michael Murphy whose father had made a fortune in the saloon business, or who had himself acquired a competency as a police officer.
  • HON Again, I visited Hon .
  • Cohen Coinos signifies a lord and master: undoubtedly from Cohinus; and that from Cohen .
  • abecedaries

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