What is the correct spelling for CHOUCH?

For the misspelling "chouch", the correct suggestions could be "couch" or "touch". "Couch" refers to a comfortable seating furniture, while "touch" refers to the act of making contact or interacting with something. Double-checking spelling could prevent confusion and ensure effective communication.

Correct spellings for CHOUCH

  • choc My favorite choc desserts are chocolate lava cakes and truffles.
  • chock
  • choice I have a choice to buy this dress or that dress.
  • chou
  • chuck I accidentally chuck my phone across the room.
  • church I am going to attend church with my family this Sunday.
  • coach I hired a coach to help me prepare for the marathon.
  • couch I love to lie down on the couch and watch Netflix after a long day at work.
  • crouch The baseball catcher was in a crouch ready to receive the pitch from the pitcher.
  • hooch I was drinking a hooch that I made in my backyard.
  • Ouch Ouch, that mosquito bite really hurts!
  • pouch Inside the pouch was a note that said "cat"
  • touch I'm afraid I can't touch that, it's too hot.
  • vouch I can vouch for her veracity.