What is the correct spelling for CHOUCHES?

If you intended to write "chouches" but realized it was incorrect, here are some possible correct suggestions: "coaches" referring to mentors or trainers, "couches" representing furniture for sitting or lying down or "touches" indicating light contact or interaction.

Correct spellings for CHOUCHES

  • choices She had to make some tough choices in order to determine her future.
  • churches The churches in the city are beautiful.
  • coaches Tom led his team of coaches to victory.
  • couches The living room has two comfortable couches.
  • crouches The tiger crouches low in the grass, patiently waiting for its prey to approach.
  • douches
  • pouches I love how kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches.
  • touches He gently touches my arm.
  • vouches