What is the correct spelling for CHRACK?

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Correct spellings for CHRACK

  • chalk "We-we've been thinking of that trip again," interposed Mr. Chalk , hurriedly. Yo, when dead bodies get outlined in chalk Everybody should walk – Enemies & Friends by xzibit
  • chalky Among the groups close around the scaffold were several faces we have seen before; notably, the chalky countenance and fiery red nose of Malartic, and the bold profile of Jacquemin Lampourde, also several of the ruffians engaged in the abduction of Isabelle, as well as various other habitues of the Crowned Radish.
  • charge The father did not deny the charge brought against them. A tousie tyke, black, grim, and large, To gie them music was his charge. – Tam O' Shanter by Robert Burns
  • charon "You are very much mistaken, Sir Walter," Charon had answered to this.
  • chary She did not get better from the change of air; she grew more listless and languid, and more dependent upon Mrs. Brinkley's chary sympathy.
  • check But when Harry received back the check from Julia Brabazon, then he again returned to his resolution respecting Messrs. You've bounced a big check Your mom has the vapors Tap your troubles away Your car had a wreck – Tap Your Troubles Away by Unknown Author
  • cheek She looked all about the room in one swift, comprehensive glance, and then, leaning over, with her small right hand she smote him hardly upon the cheek . And back and forth he sways from cheek to cheek, At one extreme agreeing with one Greek – Bear, The by Robert Lee Frost
  • chic She was bright, vivacious, and extremely chic , possessing all the daintiness of the true Parisienne without her irritating mannerisms. I seem to see Athens, it's terribly chic. Atop the Acrop'lis, it's terribly Greek. – Round And Round by Unknown Author
  • chick Suddenly Chick started back with an exclamation as Doc Riley loomed up in the light of the door, carrying a body over his shoulder. Hot damn i got da hottest chick She gotta be a goddess her body's sick – Picture Perfect by Chris Brown
  • chirico Martina Chirico (born 31 December 1987) is an Italian field hockey player for the Italian national team.
  • choc
  • chock
  • choral
  • chuck I stayed 'til mornin' and right after chuck I stepped out to see if this outlaw can buck. – The Strawberry Roan by Marty Robbins
  • crag
  • creak
  • crick
  • croak
  • crock You don't want to mess about with an old crock .
  • rack Speak-do not keep us on the rack !
  • rick "Sure it's all wan sheet of flame, none of us could get near it," cried one, pointing to the rick .
  • rock Upon what rock , you ask?
  • ruck Jimmie Dale crept down the steps, and in another moment had gained the farther side of the cellar; then, skirting around the ruck of cases, he stooped suddenly and passed in through the opening in the wall.
  • shack It was a most dilapidated shack .
  • shark Meanwhile, Martin Bruvold was in terror that the shark would smash the boat to pieces.
  • shock Treadwell did not surprise or shock her.
  • shriek She gave a little shriek of delight, and ran forward.
  • shrike Shrike and grosbeak leave, saying that really it is growing quite warm, and, glancing behind them, they behold the March hare turning somersaults in snowdrifts.
  • shuck We went down the Great War-path which lies below us, and when we was through there wasn't a corn-shuck or a wigwam or a war post left.
  • track "On a mile track I could go round you twice, without getting out of breath.
  • wrack Perhaps he had offended the court by the independence of his bearing; perhaps he had expressed his political opinions too bluntly, for he was strongly democratic in his views; perhaps he foresaw the terrible storm which was gathering and was soon to break in a wrack of ruin, chaos, and blood.
  • wreck He looked a wreck , and as if he guessed that he was a wreck .
  • Shrank Eric did not by any means like the idea of being left alone, but he naturally shrank from saying so.
  • Barack In a September 2012 interview in Vanity Fair, President Barack Obama listed the balcony as his and his wife Michelle Obamas favorite spot in the White House.
  • Shrek
  • crack
  • inadvisabilities
  • inaneness

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