What is the correct spelling for CHREW?

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Correct spellings for CHREW

  • chary He was wise enough to be chary of exposing himself to useless risks.
  • cheerer To appear as Mary's cheerer -up now was, indeed, considerably beyond him.
  • cheery He felt nervous and discouraged now that the man had again come into his life, and he sat in a corner of the room on a chest and thought deeply, Percival presently saying to him in cheery tones: Brace up, Jack.
  • cherry He has, so to speak, come out from the chorus of actors, of cherry -eaters, and become a spectator.
  • chert At certain points, as at a, Figure 70, some of the bendings of the flinty chert are so sharp that specimens might be broken off well fitted to serve as ridge-tiles on the roof of a house.
  • chew The chimney-sweep stepped forward and, tapping Jamie on the forehead, said: "Two great minds workin' on th' same thought shud projuce wondtherful results, Jamie; lend me a chew ov tobacco!"
  • chewy It was chewy but tasty.
  • chore But das jess why Obi 'sent do dat leetle chore fo' fifty poun'.
  • chorea Festival aldermen, smoking clubmen, buckskin squires, obsequious yet privately excitable tradesmen, sedentary coachmen and cabmen, of Viking descent, were set to think like boys about him: and the boys, the women, and the poets formed a tipsy chorea .
  • chow She concealed another smile, and said in the most businesslike manner: "Chow-time, Pierre," and set out the pans on the table.
  • crew That, however, was not from lack of volunteers, for when I had announced my determination many of the crew had volunteered to accompany me.
  • ochre Adeler's pedigree conceivably may go back to Jewish nobles who entertained monarchs in their marble palaces when the Eversheds and Haredales considered several streaks of red ochre an adequate costume for the most important functions."
  • share You are going now to join your wife, and to share her fate.
  • shew The king failed not to shew his sense of these insults, though unable effectually to avenge them.
  • shire In truth, it is a right fair land, this same shire of Bucks-lovely in its spring-tide, fair in its summer bloom, and fairer still in its October.
  • shore As we approached the shore , ten men, nine women, thirty-one children and one hundred and six dogs came out to meet us.
  • shrew He was Murat, ex-tavern waiter, peerless cavalry leader, and husband of Napoleon's shrew sister, Caroline Bonaparte.
  • shrewd She was, at least, determined that the man should realize that his nephew had ability, and it is possible that she told him a little more than she had intended, for Wisbech was shrewd .
  • Threw Mrs. Maule threw back her head and spoke with a touch of angry excitement in her voice:- Why did you tell me now, Dick, before breakfast?
  • Che Then, when he thought he had been sufficiently admired, he sang A che la morte, Il Balen, and several other Italian airs, in which frequent allusion was made to the inconstancy of woman's and the truth of man's affection.
  • Cherie She even stroked it a little, fondly, with the other hand, murmuring in an undertone, "Pauvre cherie."
  • Cheri She called him Cheri , and so did every one else because she did.
  • Sheri Burlingame was married to an American Airlines flight attendant, Sheri Burlingame.
  • shrews Can we imagine a common ancestor of Shrews , Hedgehogs, and Moles?
  • chores His chores ranged from making hay to cutting wood and building fences.
  • charier They were always glad when their father brought him home on the occasion of Fulkerson's visits to Boston; and Mrs. March, though of a charier hospitality, welcomed Fulkerson with a grateful sense of his admiration for her husband.

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