What is the correct spelling for CHURCE?

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Correct spellings for CHURCE

  • art turned off to
  • art worthy of
  • chaise Seen a post-chaise about here, sir?
  • chance Is there a chance?
  • charge 3128. You said you would charge for a job lot about half-price?
  • Chars Broiling on live coals or on cinders without a gridiron is certainly not better than with one, as believed by many; on the contrary, besides not being very clean, it burns or chars part of the meat.
  • chase At this time we went to Serwahdingwah for the last chase.
  • chaucer Chaucer in his own time was reckoned "grant translateur."
  • cheese It must be bread and cheese, and maybe a whole ha'poth of milk for us, Pat, to-day.
  • Cherie "Yes, Cherie, I will," said Jeanne after a moment's thought.
  • choice But he had no choice; he had to be satisfied with that or nothing.
  • choicer The boy babies, even the dogs, have the choicer bed at night, and to them are given the best pieces of the meat.
  • choose I think there are more of the fishermen now who are free to deal as they choose.
  • chore His last chore of the day was always a trip into the basement to make sure that the dying fire in the wood furnace was carefully closed in for the night.
  • Chose And how much less painful the latter life is when we feel we could tell it all if we chose.
  • chuck "I'm almost sure it is, for I've just heard it myself, and I've hurried right down here to tell you because I think you'll want to know it," replied Johnny Chuck.
  • church "And the Church from you," said Doggie quietly.
  • churches I have always believed that duty and beauty should ever go hand in hand in our churches.
  • churl A Celtic kingdom with the old names and the old language, without the old quarrels, was their hope; and though they would not repeat O'Neill's comment as he passed Barrett's castle on his march to Kinsale, and heard it belonged to a Strongbownian, that "he hated the Norman churl as if he came yesterday"; yet they quietly assumed that the Norman and Saxon elements would disappear under the Gaelic genius like the tracks of cavalry under a fresh crop.
  • churls Then the king rode unto them, and bade them: Flee, churls!
  • churn It is a religious churn, or a moral horse-rake, or a consecrated fly trap.
  • churner The churner would pull back, brace himself, choke, and stop the machine: one churner threw himself off and was choked to death before he was discovered.
  • churns He'll tell you the color of the water your ship churns.
  • chute "Maybe Jake will let us open the bin door from up there, and we can watch the oats slide down the chute," said Archie.
  • circe When we came into action, another frigate was in sight to the eastward, which we took to be her consort; we therefore lost no time to exchange prisoners, and repair our damages, in the best manner we could: she, however, proved to be the Circe, and joined us four hours after the action ceased.
  • coerce Its proper function is to keep our other faculties in line with the Law, and thus enable us to specialize it; but many people seem to think that by force of will they can somehow manage to coerce the Law; in other words, that by force of will they can sow a seed of one kind and make it bear fruit of another.
  • course That, of course, is money.
  • curse I mean property and parents' blessing should not weigh a curse with you.
  • importations
  • in describabilities
  • source "Behold the spring which is the source of that little stream," cried Hazel, indicating the lake spread out before them.
  • unclever