What is the correct spelling for CIAGAR?

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Correct spellings for CIAGAR

  • agar Mrs. Agar was leaning forward with considerable interest.
  • ajar Above, as Courtney stood feeling blindly for his door, Molly's door swung softly ajar , and the girl came out in her night-dress.
  • cacao When the Spaniards first made their way into the interior of Yucatan, they found no circulating medium, either of gold, or silver, or any other species of metal, but only grains of cacao ; and it seemed a strange circumstance, that while the manners and customs of the Indians have undergone an immense change, while their cities have been destroyed, their religion dishonoured, their princes swept away, and their whole government modified by foreign laws, no experiment has yet been made upon their currency.
  • cage The dog used to run in and out of the cage , looking upon it as his home; and when the tiger died, he long evidently mourned the loss of his friend and former antagonist.
  • cagey By so doing he gained the reputation of being a cautious, cagey man and difficult to deal with.
  • car Before we got near the car , Stein was car eful to see who was the driver.
  • chagall When Chagall asked the schoolmate how he learned to draw, his friend replied, "Go and find a book in the library, idiot, choose any picture you like, and just copy it".
  • chair I'm no for leavin' my chair to ring for it.
  • changer The other half of her fortune was, by the advice of Philippus, to be placed in the hands of a brother of Haschim's, the Arab merchant, who had a large business as money changer in Fostat, the new town on the further shore, in which the merchant himself was a partner.
  • char Rest your umbril' on the table, ma'am, and take a char .
  • charge And will he still leave Henderson in his charge ?
  • charger He was soon unable to ride farther through the tangled underbrush; so, leaping from his horse, he gave his Mauritanian roan charger into the care of the only man he had permitted to accompany him, and glided on foot through the thicket.
  • chigger Seemingly this cavity was the habitat of a certain chigger which was found on both the squirrels and the woodrat.
  • chug No sooner did Peter pop his head above the edge of the bank of the Smiling Pool than Grandfather Frog exclaimed: "Chug-a-rum!
  • cia When Marcia Lowe paused before the store and emitted her call, which flavoured of friendliness and the North, Greeley was vacantly looking into space, hugging his bony knees, and listening to an indignant fly buzzing on the dirty glass of the back window, protesting against any exit being barred to its egress.
  • ciao
  • cigar "And I told you as much when you began," said he, lighting a fresh cigar .
  • cougar The cougar is a native of this State and can be found where dense thickets and dark forests exist.
  • dakar You'll be arrested before you leave Dakar ."
  • eager He too was eager to be at the courthouse.
  • gaga
  • gar
  • iago
  • jaguar A jaguar like a bar of iron plunges on poor Will, and he and his arguments are settled on the spot.
  • lager
  • pager
  • riga At Riga an English merchant named Collins told me that the so-called Baron de Stenau, who had given me the forged bill of exchange, had been hanged in Portugal.
  • rigor
  • saga
  • sugar
  • tiara He sat down gracefully, as if it were part of his daily life, and his brow wrinkled, and an old look came into his face as he thought of the six months' arrears of the lady who occupied his first floor, and his hands began to tremble strangely as he seemed to see open before him an old-fashioned casket, in which lay, glittering upon faded velvet, necklet, tiara , brooch, earrings and bracelets-large diamonds of price; a few of which, if sold, would be sufficient to pay his debts, and enable him to keep up appearances, and struggle on, till Claire was well married, and his son well placed.
  • tiger
  • vicar
  • vigor
  • wager I could lay any wager that your interior has a totally different aspect from this."
  • Igor
  • Shaka And, after the tumult, Yasuki, the reserved, himself said:- "By Shaka , it is the very Yamato Damashii itself!
  • Hagar
  • CHG
  • CHGE
  • RAGA
  • taiga
  • sager Some men said that this woman was as far inferior to Cytherea as earth to heaven; others, older and sager , thought Manston better off with such a wife than he would have been with one of Cytherea's youthful impulses, and inexperience in household management.
  • dogweary

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