What is the correct spelling for CLARAGE?

If you've misspelled "clarage", here are a few possible correct suggestions: "clarity", meaning the quality of being clear or easy to understand; "clarify", which means to make something more transparent; "clairage", referring to the utilization of lighting in a theatrical production. Double-check the intended context to determine the accurate word.

Correct spellings for CLARAGE

  • Carafe The waiter poured a carafe of red wine into my glass.
  • Carnage The aftermath of the car crash was a devastating scene of carnage.
  • Cartage Cartage companies were hired to transport the heavy machinery to the construction site.
  • Charade The whole situation seemed like some kind of strange charade.
  • Charge He will take charge of the project as the team leader.
  • Clara Clara loves to play chess with her grandpa every Sunday.
  • Clare Clare is excited to attend the concert next weekend.
  • Clarice Clarice is my best friend's mom.
  • Clarke Clarke is a popular surname that originated in England.
  • Cleavage Her low-cut dress showed off her impressive cleavage.
  • Courage Sometimes it takes courage to stand up for what you believe in.
  • Flamage Due to the flamage caused by the short circuit, the entire building was engulfed in flames in no time.
  • Garage My dad's car needs to be taken to the garage for some repairs.
  • Large The large population of the city made it difficult to find affordable housing.
  • Lavage After the lavage was completed, the patient vomited and complained of nausea.