What is the correct spelling for CLOASD?

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Correct spellings for CLOASD

  • carload The rate on corn in carload lots from points in Virginia to Newport News over the same route is 12 cents per hundred pounds.
  • cased In most cases, however, skins are sold flesh-side out. Throughout the various dressing operations cased skins are kept intact, being turned flesh-side out or hair-side out according as the processes are directed to the respective sides.
  • clad The Spaniards were clad in armor.
  • clasp Claire watched the carriage go, and then sank back out of sight in a chair, to clasp her hands upon her knees, and gaze before her with a strangely old look upon her beautiful face.
  • class It was true that he was at present out of his class .
  • cleats The dead weight of eight men proved to be a little too much for the regular team, although the latter was never pulled off the cleats .
  • cloaked That Frenchwoman was found at Lord Romfrey's house; Lady Romfrey cloaked it.
  • clod The calf fell like a clod ; its dam uttered a cry, and thrust her head into the thicket; but she turned, and came moaning up to the lifeless calf, going round and round it, snuffing fiercely with her bleeding nostrils.
  • close Merryon was close behind her.
  • closed Mrs. Lewis glanced quickly towards the door of her husband's room; it was closed .
  • closet Upon this I went to a closet where I kept a large jar of water, but found it broken to pieces.
  • cloud At this a cold hand seemed to clutch her heart; everything about her melted into one whirling, colorless cloud .
  • coast The coast -line that followed them faithfully at first, dropped behind gradually, growing fainter and paler, then resting like a thought upon the sea, till it finally disappeared.
  • cold It was white and cold , and I could feel no breath upon her lips.
  • collard Collard played Minor counties cricket for Cambridgeshire from 1971 to 1992, including 108 Minor Counties Championship matches and 14 MCCA Knockout Trophy matches.
  • lsd
  • Clasped His fingers clasped hard.
  • Classed They were neither the very poor-in the recognised acceptation of the words, though heaven knows they were poor enough-neither could they be classed amongst artisans, or mechanics.
  • Cloyed People are getting cloyed with these performances, and are looking for some healthier and more intellectual amusement.
  • Glossed It was not an industry where hit-or-miss methods could be glossed over; on the contrary, every part of the process must be absolutely accurate.
  • Claus To listen for the sound of the reindeers' feet on the roof, to hear the rustle of the paper packages as Santa Claus comes down the chimney-there is nothing like that!
  • Colas By January 2014, Colas had purchased 11.
  • Coals Mrs. Bellamie said no more, but the coals continued to trouble her, and at last the fire kindled, and she ordered a carriage and drove up on Dartmoor without telling her husband.
  • clouds The rain is heavy and the low clouds move Over the empty home of our delight And find me in it weeping.
  • gloats
  • Colts
  • clods Rose-Ellen could not believe they were beets-great dirt-colored clods , they looked.
  • cloned The arctic wolf was cloned by South Korean scientists, including the controversial scientist Hwang Woo-Suk in 2005.
  • CLAWS The bear stuck his long sharp claws in the pole.
  • COLDS He looked anxiously at his parents and they looked pityingly at him, as if he were a boy again, and before they knew it the whole family were crying together, Grandpa and Daddy pretending they had colds.
  • COLS
  • kolas
  • clots Margarethe had approached her father, to greet him and kiss his hand; but she saw clots of blood on his gauntlet, and ran back affrighted.
  • carloads I want to go nurse the box-carloads and mule-wagonloads of wounded at Corinth, at Okolona and strewed all the way down to Mobile-that's full of them.

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