What is the correct spelling for CLUGS?

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Correct spellings for CLUGS

  • class
  • clocks He can sleep calmly, so far as the judges are concerned who dispense justice in the name of Charles V." As he spoke he waved his hand to repel the hound which, when he raised his voice, had pressed closer to him, and glanced at the artistically wrought Nuremberg clocks on the writing table, two of which struck the hour at the same time.
  • clog "Here's to the greatest nation on earth, one drop of whose blood is worth more to Art than all the stolid corpuscles that clog the veins of lesser races.
  • cluck Her face had flushed and a glitter come into the eyes behind the big spectacles, while her lips had closed with a sort of cluck .
  • clumsy Am I not a clumsy , ugly- Aagot.
  • Slugs Their guns were loaded with large slugs, and they felt the ardor of battle thrill them as they marched along down the narrow roadway.
  • clews Weston spent the time prowling round Blair's bedroom in search of clews .
  • legs Upon my soul, my legs were trembling!
  • Culls "Yes, I have some later birds-culls from which the rest have been selected.
  • Claus That was the Claus Spreckels place, on the corner of California street.
  • Glues If my daughter smashes all the crockery, Andrew the carpenter glues it together at once.
  • clings There are not many names in English literature round which a greater affection clings than that of Steele.
  • clerks There were more servants in my father's house than there are clerks in Herr Oppovich's counting-house.
  • logs "I can get a couple of logs or some big branches in the woods," thought Jack, "and stick them in the holes."
  • clouds To be sure, sonny, to be sure; they come from the clouds .
  • cloaks And, immediately after, the door, which had remained ajar, was flung open, admitting three officers in their long cloaks .
  • clubs The only persons who were displeased were the poor mother, the frightful Farsetti, and the old fermier, whose misfortune was talked about in the clubs , the Palais-Royal, and the coffee-houses.
  • clogs And is there anything for the feet poorer than our wooden clogs ?
  • plugs It sometimes contains loose, fibrinous plugs , or it may be greatly distended with air, especially in the still normal portions of the lung.
  • clacks
  • clicks
  • clucks Belknap-Jackson here made deprecating clucks , but not too directly toward Cousin Egbert, and my choice of a name was not further criticised.
  • lugs I let him figure away, until all of a sudden he puts up his pencil and lugs out that bucket again.
  • lags
  • COGS
  • CLIX
  • kludges
  • kluges
  • clangs
  • gulags
  • caulks
  • cliques
  • clues
  • claques
  • ok
  • acquittances
  • asservating
  • besainting
  • bibbers
  • boogeymen

5 words made from the letters CLUGS

  • 3 letter words made from CLUGS:

    cgs, cul, lug.
  • 4 letter words made from CLUGS:

    lugs, slug.