What is the correct spelling for CNETS?

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Correct spellings for CNETS

  • cns
  • jets Tread close, and either way you tread Some faint black water jets between Lest you should bruise the curious head.
  • nuts You see me coming down the block with the funky cuts You say, "Yeah Mike D" and I say "Mike D's nuts" – Do It by beastie boys
  • Antes
  • Canes
  • Cantos Upon his return, he published two cantos of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, which describe his journey.
  • Newts Are you going to witch the lot into newts and toads?
  • cuts This arose from the difficulty of finding the precise angle at which the diamond cuts, and of guiding it along the glass at the proper inclination when that angle is found.
  • vents Again and again the infuriated toro vents its rage on the struggling horse.
  • gets There's no tellin' what he can do till he gets a chance, do you see?
  • counts "Luck's the big thing that counts.
  • nets Their nets excited some admiration, being differently worked to any yet seen, and very handsome; a sort of chain without knots.
  • bents The timbers were heavy, often hewn from trees in the woods, set up, pinned together in what were called "bents."
  • garnets There were palanquins and litters for carrying queens, framed and braced with silver and enamel, with jade-handled poles and amber curtain-rings; there were golden candlesticks hung with pierced emeralds that quivered on the branches; there were studded images, five feet high, of forgotten gods, silver with jeweled eyes; there were coats of mail, gold inlaid on steel, and fringed with rotted and blackened seed-pearls; there were helmets, crested and beaded with pigeon's-blood rubies; there were shields of lacquer, of tortoise-shell and rhinoceros-hide, strapped and bossed with red gold and set with emeralds at the edge; there were sheaves of diamond-hilted swords, daggers, and hunting-knives; there were golden sacrificial bowls and ladles, and portable altars of a shape that never see the light of day; there were jade cups and bracelets; there were incense-burners, combs, and pots for perfume, henna, and eye-powder, all in embossed gold; there were nose-rings, armlets, head-bands, finger-rings, and girdles past any counting; there were belts, seven fingers broad, of square-cut diamonds and rubies, and wooden boxes, trebly clamped with iron, from which the wood had fallen away in powder, showing the pile of uncut star-sapphires, opals, cat's-eyes, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and garnets within.
  • cats Maybe-I am not so sure of it-the cats did not go quite so wild as some four years before.
  • rents As to our means of subsistence, till I get my rents, I can sell my diamonds, and they will realize an ample sum.
  • nits
  • scents
  • cots
  • canters
  • cants
  • gents
  • cones
  • tents
  • Lents
  • cornets
  • gannets
  • cunts
  • caners
  • dents
  • abjectnesses
  • allconsuming
  • allegate
  • allfired
  • allimportant
  • allineated
  • allotings
  • allout
  • gumpest

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