What is the correct spelling for CNIL?

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Correct spellings for CNIL

  • cain But one pure, good feeling was unextinguished in the bosom of Cain ; stained with every crime-with his hands so deeply imbrued in blood-at enmity with all the rest of the world, that one feeling burnt bright and clear, and was not to be quenched. Plant a seed and raise a little Cain Come back we'll throw a rope around the moon And pretend that we're in Mandalay Again – Mandalay Again by Elton John
  • cali 35. Great and cruel tyrants penetrated into New Granada from the direction of the province of Quito in the kingdom of Peru, and into Popayan and Cali from the direction of Cartagena and Uraba, while from Cartagena, other ill-starred tyrants marched through to Quito; afterwards others, came from the direction of Rio de San Juan, which is on the South coast. We trap with the 'caine, 'caine from Texas, the valley Smokin' good purple kush, comin' straight out of Cali – Rubberband Me by Project Pat
  • call "You deserve all that's happened for keeping a place like that practically unfenced, for one can't call that broken-down thing a fence. I'm the rule in the shot call Off the wall – Ain't It Funny Remix by Jennifer Lopez
  • canal The engineering difficulties have been great, and the forecast does not promise such large gains as even the Lower Jhelam Canal . Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal She's a good old worker and a good old pal – Erie Canal Traditional by Bruce Springsteen
  • cavil God breaks through the law of nature, that He may convince mankind of the truth of that revelation which, in spite of His precautions, has been, since its introduction, the subject of unceasing schism and cavil .
  • cl Cr. 8vo, cl . ex., =7s. 6d. =
  • clio This, however, was exceeded by Clio , a dog belonging to my father, who stood with her hind legs upon a gate for more than two hours, with a nest of partridges close to her nose.
  • cns The NCUA during this time also allowed credit unions to open their fields of membership to "unlike groups," permitting CNS to accept members from groups or organizations beyond those associated with the Shipyard.
  • coal The latter, as we have said, are the wage-earners of the country, working alongshore at the wharves, loading and unloading ships, belonging to the coal barges, and the like. With eyes as black as coal That look down in his soul – Spanish Harlem by Aretha Franklin
  • coil He dived into the mill, and returned almost instantly with a small coil of rope.
  • coin You can't even come up to see me for a day, it seems, unless you've got some matter of a coin as well to bring you to London.
  • col Rall or Rahl, Col .
  • conic Before age 16, he wrote a book on conic sections.
  • cool "I understand," she replied in her cool , sweet voice.
  • cowl Keep the cowl on your head as long as possible; if these hounds see and identify you, there will be mischief.
  • cull Asad watched his approach with angry misgivings; it was with him a foregone conclusion that things being as they were Sakr-el-Bahr would be ranged against him to obtain complete control of these mutineers and to cull the fullest advantage from the situation.
  • curl He had that Bible now hidden away where no curious eye could find it, and carefully folded between its leaves was a curl of golden hair.
  • jail Euphemia, determining not to be outdone in "tender woe," drew forth her handkerchief, and putting it to her eyes, resumed in a piteous tone- "I am sure I shall hate Lascelles all my life, because he did not stop the men and inquire what jail they were taking him to?
  • nail I tell you, she will nail him down if need be.
  • nil It could have been no great one, assuredly, to deal with so intensely living a young mind as my elder brother's, it could have been but a happy impression constantly renewed; but we two juniors, Wilky and I, were a drag-Wilky's powers most displayed at that time in his preference for ingenuous talk over any other pursuit whatever, and my own aptitude showing for nil , according to our poor gentleman's report of me when a couple of months had sped, save as to rendering La Fontaine's fables into English with a certain corresponding felicity of idiom.
  • nile There is not a memory of the brute gods of the Nile .
  • snail "I deserved the first prize instead of the second," said the snail .
  • Cal Every now and then The-boy-whose-ear-pushed-away-a-piece-of-lead had something to say about the wonderful pony he had seen, and it was plain that he did not quite agree with Tah-nu-nu as to the wickedness of sending the arrow after Cal .
  • Carl Five miles from Ben Edair the Carl stopped, for he had again come among blackberries.
  • Coll Well then, Coll , the road to better counsel than mine, is well known to thee.
  • Neil It's Neil here that drew me out.
  • Gail "I have to think of my readers," insisted Gail .
  • Gil Let's start in, Gil .
  • McNeil McNeil up Clark avenue.
  • CPL Starting in 1990, with small roles in film and on television, Collins gained attention in the role Cpl .
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3 words made from the letters CNIL

  • 3 letter words made from CNIL:

    cli, lin, nil.