What is the correct spelling for CODDE?

If you find yourself inadvertently typing "codde" instead of "code", don't worry! Auto-correct can sometimes lead to amusing mistakes. To ensure accuracy, here are some potential corrections: "code", "coder", "codex" or "codec". Remember, even the best typists make errors, but with a little awareness, we can quickly fix them!

Correct spellings for CODDE

  • caddie The caddie handed the golfer his club, ready for his next shot.
  • COD I caught a cod while fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • coda The coda of the symphony was a beautiful and touching conclusion to the piece.
  • Codded She was codded by her friends and family.
  • coddle My grandmother would always coddle me if I was feeling sick.
  • code Your password is "code".
  • CODED She had the letters "CODED" tattooed on her neck.
  • Codee
  • coder The coder was able to fix the software bug in a matter of minutes.
  • codes She used the codes from her favorite movie to unlock the door.
  • cody Cody loves to play basketball with his friends on the weekends.
  • COED Female students at this college are required to live in coed dorms.
  • cord I left my cord at home.
  • corded She had a corded telephone.
  • cote The desert cote is a beautiful site to see.
  • cudd
  • Jodie My favorite aunt is Jodie.