What is the correct spelling for CODDLERR?

If you meant to type "coddlerr" but it was misspelled, the correct suggestions could be "coddler" or "codler". A coddler refers to a utensil used for cooking eggs, while codler does not have a specific meaning.

Correct spellings for CODDLERR

  • coddle Some parents tend to coddle their kids too much, not allowing them to learn from their own mistakes.
  • coddled As a child, she was coddled by her overprotective parents and grew up with a sense of entitlement.
  • coddles She coddles her children so much that they don't know how to handle failure.
  • toddler The toddler was happy to see their grandparents.
  • toddlers The playground was filled with toddlers chasing each other and giggling.