What is the correct spelling for CODLY?

If you find yourself frequently misspelling "codly", there are a few possible alternatives you can consider. Possible correct suggestions include: "coldly", "cordially" or "comply". Double-checking the spelling or using a spell-check tool can help ensure accuracy in your written communications.

Correct spellings for CODLY

  • coal The coal industry is a significant source of energy for many countries around the world.
  • COD I cooked a delicious cod for dinner yesterday.
  • coda The coda to this story is a bit of a cliffhanger.
  • coddle My mom would always coddle me when I got sick by bringing me soup and blankets.
  • code The security code is 9876.
  • cody My sister's dog is named Cody.
  • coil The coil of rope lay neatly on the ground.
  • col
  • cola Can I get you something to drink? I have cola, etc.
  • cold I am feeling cold because I forgot to wear a jacket.
  • coldly I ignored her coldly.
  • cole The cole plant grows well in warm climates.
  • Coley My grandfather had a can of Coley's chicken soup for lunch.
  • Coll I saw a truck with a huge "Coll" painted on the side.
  • COLO
  • colt Upon sighting the colt, the cow quickly ran away.
  • cool I like your cool ice cream.
  • coolly Despite the intense pressure, she handled the situation coolly and calmly.
  • costly Her costly jewelry was stolen.
  • could If I could, I would solve the mystery.
  • cowl The cat is using its cowl to hide under the bed.
  • coyly She coyly asked if she could borrow a pen.
  • cuddly Her fur was soft and cuddly, making me want to curl up with her.
  • godly She tried to be a godly woman, but it was difficult.
  • goodly She had a goodly amount of gold.
  • Jody My best friend's name is Jody.
  • oddly The clerk was oddly absent from work today.