What is the correct spelling for COGHT?

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Correct spellings for COGHT

  • cart They were not ready to carry off heavy stuff, and when they came again, with a cart , at night, it had all been cared for.
  • cat "You can say the cat got up here and did it," Phil Blaney was saying.
  • coast The incident is said to have taken place one season when I did not visit the coast .
  • coat He wore a tall silk hat, and a long black morning coat .
  • coda They play ever so softly, in order not to disturb, but somehow or other you just know that they are there, and that the next to last note in the coda is going to be very sour.
  • code I assume the area code is two-one-two.
  • cody He must be content, unless he will bestir himself for himself, not to know how Mr. Patrick Cody trisects the angle at Mullinavat, or Professor Recalcati squares the circle at Milan.
  • cog It sounded feasible and I instructed him to have the extraordinary railway built, but to be sure that the safety device clutches in the cog wheels were sound and trusty.
  • coho The quinnat and blue back-or the spring and the sockeye, as they are generally known, take the long journeys, but the silver or coho , and the humpback and dog salmon keep to the small streams near the sea.
  • colt Kurt could see the road, a broad, pale belt, dividing the blackness on either side; and he urged the colt to a run.
  • comet Indeed, it is not many centuries since, all over Europe, men thought that a comet foreboded much evil of some sort.
  • coot Once a broad sheet of crystal water covered the cress-beds of Fulmere-a sheet with sedgy shores, in which sheltered the bittern, and blue heron, the bald coot , the water-hen, and the gold-crested widgeon.
  • cord They hung their dinner from the trees, out of reach, and made them cut the cord that held it, with an arrow.
  • corot Hanging in the panel at the right of the stairway was an exquisite little Corot , silvery and feathery even in the dim light of early dusk.
  • cosh "Py cosh , I not cook chuck for you fellers ven I'm sick," he mumbled dazedly.
  • cost They said the cost price of the articles would be 5s, and they gave me that value for them.
  • cot You can put a cot in your room for her.
  • cote Finally, she even learned to cook, and the household became a dove-cote!
  • cough If you don't cough up I'll tell the lady how much it cost you, you coward, to be a hero twice.
  • count The Count , with the others, turned to look at the picture.
  • court Tell the court what happened then.
  • covet You know there is nothing I covet like yourself," I said savagely, the blood flowing over my face as hotly as it burnt in her own.
  • ct He is now consulting director of "The Earth-Closet Company," Hartford, Ct .
  • curt The captain received the new arrival with marked cordiality, and giving him a chair near his own observed with some interest the curt greeting of the young men.
  • cut In five minutes he would be cut off.
  • cwt How would it do, for instance, if a certain part of the price per cwt .
  • get I must get 'ome.
  • ghat This is a View of the Dasaswamedh Ghat , the Most Popular Bathing Place in the Sacred City.
  • goat And exactly the same thing will happen to the goat -herd.
  • gout When you get to my time of life, you'll perhaps know what gout means.
  • gut Her own masterful carriage and unembarrassed mode of speech-"as if all London belonged to her," Charles afterwards described it-drew the stares of the passers-by; stares which she misinterpreted, for in the gut of the Strand, a few paces beyond Somerset House, she suddenly twirled the lad about and "Bless us, child, your eye's enough to frighten the town!
  • jot Much may be done-much must be done-to make the land of the country more available and more profitable for the wants of the body of the people, but not one jot of what is required would be done by mere nationalization of the ownership, or even done better on such a basis than on that which exists.
  • nought Nought that is Approv'd by reason can be cowardise.
  • ought How much do you think they ought to 'a' got?
  • roget Poe's most popular tale, "The Gold-Bug," is American in its scene, and so is "The Mystery of Marie Roget ," in spite of its French nomenclature; and all that he wrote is strongly tinged with the native hue of his strange genius.
  • sought Peter Junior might have found other friends in Leauvite had he sought them out, but he did not care for them.
  • Bought It was dead, and very dead, the time I bought it.
  • Caught If any of us that went was to be caught, I was to be caught.
  • Fought But he had also said that he had fought through and had come out clean!
  • Git And git a move on, cause I'm starvin'.
  • Got But it's got to be done."
  • COD The price for small cod is now 5s.
  • GT Then we flew North E., looking for the Gt .
  • CATT Why, Tabitha Catt , you coward!
  • COED This aunt, a sister of Winifred's mother, named Davies, the widow of a sea captain who had once known better days, resided in an old cottage between Bettws y Coed and Capel Curig.
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