What is the correct spelling for COIERCED?

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Correct spellings for COIERCED

  • coalesced The rows of black shadows behind them lengthened rapidly, until at last they coalesced and the stubble lay dim, while the western face of the grain along which the binders crept alone glowed with a coppery radiance as the red sun dipped.
  • coerce If this is so with sacrifices for a work which every one can comprehend, obvious, and undoubtedly useful to everyone, such as a road over a swamp; how still more unjust and unreasonable is it to coerce millions of men into making sacrifices for objects which are incomprehensible, imperceptible, and often undoubtedly harmful, such as military service and taxation.
  • coiled The harpoon end was taken into the boat, the other end was coiled and left in a position where it could be easily picked from the boat later.
  • corked The inventor carefully re-corked the bottle, wiped it thoroughly with a cloth he had with him, and threw the cloth into one of the deserted houses.
  • corned He had tried to put off making it, ekeing out their dwindling supply of corned meat by shooting the brown wallabys which came out of the trees on the edge of the clearing, surprised at the sight of strange, two-legged and four-legged creatures.
  • corset Poleon's eye had been amazingly correct, for it fitted her neatly, save at the waist, which was even more than an inch too large, notwithstanding the fact that she had never worn such a corset as the well-formed Marie Bourgette was accustomed to.
  • cursed That did not sound as if she were "mad," and he promptly cursed himself for a fool and a brute.
  • forced He forced himself to go on: Mrs. Maule, as you know, is a good deal away.
  • pierced Suddenly something white and glittering pierced the bottom of the boat!
  • voiced "I expect Ethel home soon," said the sweet-faced and sweet-voiced old lady.
  • Coaxed "I wish you'd stay to luncheon," coaxed the little lieutenant.
  • Coerced There are some who even yet deplore the fact that children are not repressed and coerced as they used to be, and who prophesy untold evils unless the good old customs are re-established.
  • Pieced Of course, I had pieced together most of it already from the scraps of fact I had.
  • corded And then after this a multitude of hurrying sensations with their climax in a very, very early morning, when one dressed with a candle, when one's box was corded and one's attic looked strangely bare, when there was a surprising amount to eat at breakfast, when one stole downstairs softly.
  • Coined Her people loved their native city so dearly, that they coined the proverb "All the world is a ring, and Antwerp is the pearl set in it."
  • Coursed A streak of faint colour came into her cheeks; her eyelids became swoln with rising tears, which trembled there for a moment, and then, stealing forth, coursed down her pallid cheek.
  • Cozened And Hal still cozened himself into a belief in the quack's essential innocence, persuading his own reason that there was a blind side to the man which rendered it impossible for him to see through the legal into the ethical phases of the question.
  • coerces It will be clear enough then that in his ordinary dealings which give him a reputation for honesty he coerces his bad passions by an enforced virtue; not making them see that they are wrong, or taming them by reason, but by necessity and fear constraining them, and because he trembles for his possessions.
  • juiced Thoreau coveted its strong purple stalk for a cane, and the robins eat its dark crimson-juiced berries.
  • cored Line a deep buttered baking-dish with the dough rolled thin, fill with peeled, cored, and quartered apples sweetened and sprinkled with spice, cover the pan with the rest of the dough rolled into a crust, and steam for two hours and a half, or bake.
  • coercer The individual of every class above the lowest must continue to be at once coercer and coerced.

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