What is the correct spelling for COJONING?

The word "cojoning" seems to be a misspelling, but perhaps the intended word was "conjoining". Conjoining means to unite or join together. Double-check for any spelling mistakes and consider using proper grammar and spell-check tools.

Correct spellings for COJONING

  • Cajoling She spent the entire night cajoling him to go to the party with her.
  • Cloning Cloning animals has been a controversial topic for many years.
  • Cocooning During the winter months, many people find themselves cocooning at home to avoid the colder temperatures outside.
  • Coining John was coining phrases left and right during his presentation, impressing the audience with his linguistic creativity.
  • Coloring Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and enhance creativity.
  • Condoning
  • Coning
  • Conjoining The conjoining of the two companies created a larger and more formidable force in the market.
  • Conning He was known for conning his unsuspecting victims out of large sums of money.
  • Cooing The sound of the doves cooing outside my window was a peaceful background noise while I worked.
  • Cooking I enjoy cooking healthy meals for my family every day.
  • Cooling The cooling breeze from the ocean was a welcome relief from the heat of the sun.
  • Cooping The fear of cooping up indoors during quarantine has led to increased interest in outdoor activities.
  • Cordoning The police officers were cordoning off the crime scene to prevent any unauthorized individuals from entering.
  • Corning Corning is known for its expertise in manufacturing glass and ceramics for a wide range of applications.
  • Cottoning I am cottoning to the idea that going to bed early is better for my health.
  • Cozening She was caught cozening her way out of the situation.
  • Crooning The old man sitting in the rocking chair was crooning a lullaby to his granddaughter.
  • Mooning Mooning is considered a form of indecent exposure in many countries.