What is the correct spelling for COLLOR?

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Correct spellings for COLLOR

  • call That is why I did not call .
  • caller The caller turned to Major Dudley.
  • callow As for what you mention of entering into Holy Orders, it is indeed a great work; and I am pleased to find you think it so, as well as that you do not admire a callow clergyman any more than I do.
  • clio And Clio , that greatest of the daughters of Zeus, about whose feet cluster all the famous names of the makers of this world's story, has, after all, only had the reversion of the earth's great men.
  • cloy Or cloy the hungry edge of appetite, By bare imagination of a Feast?
  • coal Its hair is coal black, its skin is golden.
  • coil It was a relief to both of them that Wheeler came floundering along the shingle just then with a box and a coil of wire in his hand.
  • col One day when crossing the Col de Balme from Martigny to Chamounix, one of the side-saddles was found to be badly fitted, and would keep turning round, to the risk of the rider, if not very careful, slipping off at any moment.
  • cola It is even said that women sometimes wash their hair in the ever-present Coca-Cola.
  • cole The next day he was given a horse, and a bright new rifle which the Governor's soldiers had taken from the Dutch at Cole Camp on the way south, And presently they made a junction with three thousand more who were their images.
  • collar Venables painted, he learnt-painted successfully, Tommy presumed, looking at the clean collar and the well-cut coat.
  • collard Meanwhile, quite unconscious of the discussion which her ingenuous conduct had caused, Una wandered about the room, examining, with unstinted curiosity, the exquisite china and valuable paintings, the Collard and Collard grand piano, and the handsomely-bound books.
  • collie He vaulted over the gate, and whistling to a fine collie who came bounding to meet him, walked slowly on towards the stables.
  • collier The plays denounced by Collier continued to hold the stage, though more or less expurgated, throughout the century.
  • colloid There is no real difference between the passage of a solution through an osmotic membrane and its diffusion through a colloid .
  • colon No army could march through the tropical forests which still isolate the Canal Zone from South America, and control at Colon and Panama still depends upon sea power.
  • color Look at that color !
  • colors I didn't even know our class colors were green and purple.
  • colour But it was a news item on the other inside page which made the colour die out of the girl's face as the clouds grow gray in the west after the sun is gone.
  • cool He feared that towards the morning, after the storm, it would be as cool as it was on the previous night.
  • cooler It was much cooler in the cave than it had been outside.
  • coolly He met her challenging look quite coolly .
  • cowl The latter then rolling himself up in his gown, and pulling his cowl over his head, fell fast asleep on the bench, the host retiring to an upper room which he inhabited.
  • cull As it is, the best use that can be made of his exuberant devotions is to cull from them here and there a telling phrase or a musical cadence.
  • Coll But in the meantime they were all agreed that what Rob counselled was wise; and a share in Coll MacDougall's boat was accordingly purchased, after a great deal of bargaining.
  • Collator The edition is thus separated into its thousand books, which the collator goes over to see that each is perfect.
  • Cleo Cleo or Pat-she was known by both names, I hear-did fairly well as a queen, as a coquette and as a promoter of excursions on the river-until she fleshened up.
  • collars I hate cold water, but it's polite to bathe; and your respectable shirt-collars rub all the hide off my neck.
  • COLO Such a Character, you, Sir, must esteem; and this is also the Character of Colo Webb.
  • COLLOQ To a Tee, the colloq.

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