What is the correct spelling for COMAIN?

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Correct spellings for COMAIN

  • caiman Caiman, an alligator, Ar.
  • cain "This is the story of the terrible man, Cain , how he go with his children all in the skins of animals dressed.
  • cayman The breeze continuing without interruption, on the 29th we came in sight of the island of Grand Cayman .
  • cocaine I cannot, however, resist mentioning the endurance of a big black Senegalais, who won the admiration of both doctors and neighbors by refusing morphine or cocaine , and insisting on having the seven bullets that were lodged in his neck and throat withdrawn thus-never uttering a murmur!
  • cohan George Cohan made himself a millionaire before he was thirty by writing cheerful plays.
  • coin As he talked she shuddered, and allowed the yellow coin to slip from her hand to the ground.
  • coma At other times this transition from coma back to sleep does not take place and consciousness returns quite suddenly, the persons opening their eyes and looking around them, dazed and bewildered, but perfectly conscious at once.
  • combine How can you combine the two so as to get accurately both your latitude and longitude?
  • combing You knew the police were combing the town for you, and I had hoped that would keep you in.
  • comic His father had been an actor and his mother a comic -opera singer.
  • coming He must be coming here.
  • commie "He was a commie ," Crawford said dully.
  • common "Other friends remain;" "Loss is common to the race;" as Hamlet's mother says, "All that live must die."
  • commune Supplies are as a matter of course brought to this isolated place with difficulty and at considerable expense, consequently the prices charged, though high, are not exorbitant, more especially as the proprietor pays a large sum to the Commune for his license.
  • cowman "Wils, you-all air the only eddicated cowman I ever loved, but I'm a son-of-a-gun if we ain't agoin' to come to blows some day," declared Bludsoe.
  • cumin Then he would go back into his tent and drink a mixture of barley and cumin until he swooned away from intoxication,-to awake afterwards in broad daylight consumed with horrible thirst.
  • domain It seemed properly to belong to the domain of man's game.
  • gamin The gamin strain that seemed innate in their blood was developed and strengthened thus.
  • main We'll fix these in the main rigging, and then I want to talk to you.
  • oman Story of the Eunuch Kafour ,, 16. Uns el Wujoud and the Vizier's Daughter Rose- in-budcccxli 17. The Merchant of Oman .
  • omani The election was always by popular acclamation, and inasmuch as the Omani do not recognise the two 'imams' who immediately succeeded Mohammed, but chose their own, they form a separate sect.
  • romaine The salade Romaine was crisp and fresh and Judy had made the salad dressing.
  • roman In the Netherlands John of Westphalia started with a round but rather thin roman type brought from Italy.
  • woman Is it a woman ?
  • Colin A few quick words sent the dog Colin out among the sheep, by now scattered far and wide over the hill.
  • Conan By A. Conan Doyle.
  • Comas In the meadow, just without the close-cropped hawthorn which encloses one side of the orchard, is a thick hedge, the end of which comas right up to the apple trees, being only separated by the ha-ha wall and a ditch.
  • cowmen When I rode after him the cowmen said I was as good as killed.

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