What is the correct spelling for COMMION?

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Correct spellings for COMMION

  • caiman Birds sang in the trees above him, and from the black waters of the lagoon a huge caiman crawled up the banks to bask in the noontide glare.
  • coin "Here's your guinea, my lad," said Mr. Paterson, as he handed Donalblane a bright new coin.
  • combine In starting out upon a bear-hunt, several Lapps combine, and spears are taken with the party as well as firearms if they are fortunate enough to possess them.
  • combing Later on Pelleas finds Melisanda combing her hair at the casement of a tower.
  • coming Perhaps I'll see Constance coming.
  • comma It labored thickly through the heading, "My dearest Frank," and, in attempting to punctuate, a sudden flow of ink left a huge blot in place of the customary comma.
  • command Acton, however, made him a sign of command.
  • commend We may recognise the zeal of the writer, but we cannot commend the merits of his poetry.
  • comment With Comment by E.
  • commie Few countries, other than commie ones, much desire to have their students study in Moscow.
  • commission God gives him the commission and leaves it to his human faculties to carry it out, not inquiring what these are, but simply asking at the end if the commission has been accomplished.
  • commit My first intention was to read it, but I finally concluded to commit it to memory, and to deliver it without the aid of the manuscript.
  • common This is a common thought.
  • commoner Hence its use would be sanctioned only in the absence of the commoner, and much safer, coagulants.
  • commonly Well, it would have been better for the Church if there had been far less outward worship than there commonly has been.
  • commons In the meantime the House of Commons passed a resolution of confidence in the Grey administration.
  • commotion Every one was on his feet, and although the prisoner stood and gazed toward the source of commotion he could not see the man who spoke.
  • commune But with the mighty dead of these blank ages I could not commune.
  • communion She was wild with joy, and cried on Gabriel's shoulder; and all the young men who had taken their first communion with Gabriel and had played with this dear girl when she was a child, felt the tears come into their own eyes.
  • cowman These being produced, an impromptu band was formed: young Peregrine seized the bassoon, the carter took the clarionet, the shepherd the French horn, the cowman the trombone, and, seated at the piano, I myself conducted the orchestra.
  • cumin Cumin seed 5 grams.
  • domino I am now here at a really grand place, the Dorrs'-tell Rosina that I went to a domino party last night but was so afraid that some one of the weird and sinister sisters would speak to me that I came home at 12 o'clock, when it had hardly begun.
  • gammon You've no idea till you try what a magical effect absence has; poetry is all gammon.
  • Como We find him inviting his friend, the poet Caecilius, to come and visit him from the newly established colony of Como.
  • comm Thence home with Sir W. Pen and Comm.
  • commies He was beginning to understand at least one of the reasons why the Commies could sell their products at such ridiculously low prices.
  • cowmen "Yet to the east of us, to the end of the river at Buford, to the south along the Yellowstone, and on all the great rivers that the cowmen used for range-along the Little Missouri and the Musselshell and the Judith and countless other streams whose names you have heard-lay the greatest game country the world ever saw, the best outdoor country in the world!
  • ex-patriated
  • ex-pensive