What is the correct spelling for CONATATION?

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Correct spellings for CONATATION

  • cogitation Suddenly from what had been absolutely sterile cogitation, there sprang up the full flower of an idea.
  • condition It was a good season; De Freis, the friend who had made them acquainted with the religious condition of the place, accompanied them as guide, and was a true helper in the work.
  • confutation That Abdul Ahid was even then plotting against his patron will be seen to be likely from his subsequent conduct, and certainly derives no confutation from the circumstance of his being a native of Kashmir, a country the faithlessness of whose inhabitants is proverbial, even in Indian story.
  • connotation There is no connotation of ferocity in either of the words.
  • contagion Such a belief as this is inspired in the convert, not by reasoning, but by all the powers of suggestion that personality and social contagion can afford.
  • contain While I was busy in this work I observed a large bundle, which, from the size, I imagined must contain more than a single volume.
  • contention My contention is that if you said, "Both are the same size," you are potentially a good subject.
  • contortion In the hall, ancient jokes soon began to flutter their moulted wings, and musty compliments to offer themselves for the acceptance of the ladies, and meet with a reception varied by temperament and experience: what the bold faced countess heard with a hybrid contortion, half sneer and half smile, would have made Lady Florimel stare out of big refusing eyes.
  • contrition "I beg your pardon, Uncle Socrates," said Jim, with contrition, "but I can't be silent when I am accused of things I don't do."
  • contusion I therefore suppose the r termination in mauther to be a mere corruption, like that pointed out by Skinner in the Lincoln Folk-speech: or is it possible that it may have arisen from a contusion of the words maid and mother in Roman Catholic times? In Holland the Virgin Mary was called Moeder Maagd,-a phrase which may possibly have crossed over to the East Anglian coast, and occasioned the subsequent confusion.
  • notation The notation ^{#} is used for superscripted numbers, indicating the composition of the various chemical compounds.
  • connotations The only thing {Fortrash} is good for. This term is in widespread informal use outside hackerdom and even in mainstream slang, but has additional hackish connotations: namely, that the computations are mindless and involve massive use of {brute force}.

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