What is the correct spelling for COOLL?

If you mistakenly typed "cooll" instead of "cool", don't worry, we've got you covered. The correct spelling is "cool", representing something trendy or awesome. So, next time, double-check your keyboard and ensure you type it correctly to convey your admiration for something with style and flair!

Correct spellings for COOLL

  • call I need to call my mother, it's been a few days since we've spoken.
  • coal The miners dug deep into the earth to extract the valuable coal.
  • coil She carefully wrapped the wire around the metal coil to create a spring.
  • col The col in the mountain range provided a clear view to the other side.
  • cola My friend prefers cola over other carbonated beverages.
  • cole
  • Coll
  • COLO COLO is a term used to describe a type of web hosting service in which multiple websites are hosted on a single server.
  • cool
  • cooler The ice from the cooler kept the drinks cold during the picnic.
  • coolie
  • coolly I felt a bit coolly about the whole situation.
  • cools The breeze from the ocean cools the hot sunburn on my skin.
  • cowl She wore a long, hooded cowl to keep her hair from blowing in the wind.
  • coyly She coyly smiled at him after he complimented her.
  • cull The farmer had to cull the weak and sickly animals to prevent the spread of disease in the herd.